Sunday, October 10, 2010

Dreaming and Hoping and Wishing

One big thing that Blaine and I have in common is our love of travel. Today we went to Davis-Kidd and bought this book (I had a coupon for 20% off!) I love the idea of getting a rail pass and just riding all over Britain and Europe. Just going wherever strikes our fancy. Maybe someday we'll win the lottery and be able to do this!

I've been to Europe, even saw HRH Queen Elizabeth! Love, love, loved it! Being on a tour bus was always a bit rushed. I was always trying to remember what day it was and which country I was in. I still keep in touch with friends I made on that trip!

I know we're conceited Americans, but being in a country where nothing is in English is a bit daunting! I've had a couple of years of high school Spanish and can reason out a lot of signs. Dealing with the German language blew my mind. I always tried to make an attempt to speak their language first and then they were usually nice enough to tell me they spoke English. Personally, I think they did it in self-defense. They didn't want to hear me butcher their language with a hillbilly accent any longer than necessary!

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