Tuesday, October 12, 2010


This is a flower in Hawaii. I love Hawaii. Everything seems cleaner, brighter, and prettier there. It smells better, the bums don't seem as scary, and you see something beautiful everyday. Together we've been four times and Blaine went alone four times before we got married.

The bad things about Hawaii are it takes forever to get there from here, stuff is expensive, and tourists are EVERYWHERE!

I still wanna go back! I wanna visit all the islands and see everything there is to see. I'd like to rent an apartment and stay there for the summer. We'd have to have groceries shipped to us or live on pineapple the whole time!

Blaine and I have been to Hawaii and Las Vegas several times. We know we like it. We know where stuff is located and we can generally get around without renting a car. The more we go the fewer pictures I take, but I am no less awed than the very first time I visited!

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