Saturday, October 9, 2010

Wow and Wow!

The past couple of days have been super BUSY! Thursday night after stuffing ourselves silly on "fajitas for two" at Margaritas we came home and cleaned the house in preparation for Friday night's party.

My friend at work has a sister that does "fun" parties and I said I'd host a party for her. Tammy told me to over invite, since most people don't come. I have no idea how many people I invited, but counting me and Tammy there were 25 women in my house. I had Margaritas, Pina Coladas, sweet tea, lemonade, Coke, Sprite, beer, and hard lemonade. We ate cocktail sausages in bbq and grape jam, sliders, lil chicken sandwiches, tortilla chips, spinach dip, cheese dip, french onion dip, deli spirals, whole kosher dill pickles, lil cheese cake squares, Bavarian cream braid bread, almonds, salsa, peppermints, and Halloween candy! I AM TIRED! There wasn't a lot a food left and I hope everybody had plenty to eat and drink. It was a rowdy and raunchy fun time and I'm glad that everybody came. I'd mention their names, but they may want to stay anonymous. If you are interested in booking a similar show, shoot me an email and I'll get you Tammy's info!

Today it is supposed to be 91 degrees! I'm staying inside and bonding with the air conditioner!

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  1. It was freakin' awesome! :) Thx for inviting me!


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