Thursday, January 27, 2011

Counting down

Since entering the teaching profession, I've become a countdown queen. I've always loved having a goal and something to forward to each year. School teachers love summer vacation. Starting each August I generally know how many more days it is until summer vacation. Sure there's Christmas and Spring Break. But lets be honest those are just speed bumps along the road to June! My count is at 83 more mornings (unless I've screwed up due to snow days.)

Usually I have what I refer to as a pretty greasy job. I slide through most of the year without a great deal of stress. Not nearly what the teachers have to endure. 99.9% of my work has to be done at school. I don't do tests or homework. I teach classes on library and research skills occasionally. I check-in and check-out both library books and text books. There are lots more things I do, but nothing compared to classroom teachers. I try not to gripe about my job duties, especially around Blaine. His job is a real doozy and I try to help him, as much as possible.

That being said, Today about kicked my butt! You'd have thought I'd been gone a month and the children hadn't been near a computer or allowed to read a book the entire time. I bet there wasn't a 5 minute span of time today that there wasn't a student in the library needing/wanting/doing something. By the time 3:30 came around I was seriously hurting and just wanting to go home and curl into a ball. When I got home I cooked some soup, put it through the blender, and then proceeded to almost make myself sick. I ate too much and it HURTS! Still nowhere near to what I could eat before surgery, but I tried to revert to pre-op habits of guzzling my food and my tummy said "HEY! YOU DON'T WANT TO DO THAT!" I stopped! Right now I have a huge fear of throwing up. I've never been fan of it. I would have never made a good bulemic. But my fear is somewhat justified. Throwing up can cause my band to move and it would have to be relocated surgically. YUCK! Also, my guts still hurt. Coughing hurts bad enough, what would hurling do???

I cooked dinner for Blaine. Chicken and green beans. He was thrilled. I took them upstairs (The Bat Cave.) First time I have been all the way up the stairs since last Wednesday. He was sweet enough to go downstairs and get my computer. Surprisingly enough, going down the stairs is more painful than going up. Uses different muscles. I'm staying up here, it's warmer and I'm tired of my toes being cold. He's working on special services paperwork and I am TRYING to be quiet. I took a few pictures to entertain me while TRYING to be quiet!


I call this the Bat Cave, it's actually the Bonus Room over the garage, because Man Cave didn't fit, since I'm not a man. This is where we watch the giganto tv, play the Wii, watch DVDs, walk on the treadmill, and be messy. I love it up here, it's soooo warm! But in the summer time it's a booger to keep cool!

Wanna see my big scar? I took a picture. Covered up my massive cleavage. I didn't want to scar anybody for life!

That my friends is a color rarely seen on humans and is referred to as "Frog Belly White!" They should make it a crayon!!


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  1. Robin,
    I love your creative ability to countdown. Unfortunately, I share in your passion for always looking forward to something and having a goal. But most of all, you are inspiring me in many ways. I read your posts and I am reminded of how you are such a great person. My Dad used to walk through the house singing that old gospel song - One Day at a Time.....Then - I thought he was losing it. Now, I understand more. Your day to day walk through this journey will help others....wait and see.


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