Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Day Ends Better Than it Began

Not the most flattering picture, but a much happier face! After the start to my day, bawling over the smell of fried chicken. I ate my food. (I still have strawberry and chocolate shakes to go, blechh!) Played on the internet, read on my Kindle, took a nap with Blaine, watched some television, and finally took a hot bath and read on a vampire novel. How could I not be smiling?

Don't get me wrong there are days I get mad at Blaine. But I never want anybody to think he was anything but considerate today. I never even SAW his food, I only SMELLED it and it set me off. He was being kind by eating alone and in a totally different part of the house!

Back to the diet, I now know that I am definitely a savory kind of eater. I enjoy salty, flavorful foods. Give me something salty over something sweet every time! The problem with this NutriMed food is that it's mostly nasty, sickly, fake sweet stuff. Chocolate bars, puddings, and shakes. Anything savory I'm really appreciating! I can have all the sugar free Jell-O, diet drinks, and sugar free popsicles I want. I've been drinking chicken bouillon, but not as much as I'd like. I'm trying to be aware of the sodium content. But dangit, I'd rather have four packages of the Crunchy-Os than any of that pudding.

It's difficult every time I open the fridge. I see french onion dip, lunch meat, chocolate milk, crescent rolls, and all sorts of other things that I try to not even touch! I'm hoping this blog keeps me honest and I don't ever want to have to write on here that I was weak and cheated!

I won't know how to act when I finally get to have real food again. I'm afraid I'll make myself sick. I know I'm going to be hyper-conscious of everything, but I think the first real food I get to eat will be the best tasting thing I've ever eaten!

I never even dreamed that the two weeks before surgery would be so hard. From what I've been told if I can make it through this, I'll be successful!

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  1. I am such a foodie that I can only imagine how you must feel, poor thing. Just hang in there and remind yourself this is just for a little while and that you WILL be eating regular food again.

    Yes, keeping this blog will keep you honest! Doing this was an excellent idea. Keep it up!


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