Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Drinking Glue... I thought you were supposed to sniff it!

This is my "I feel like crap" face. Apparently the backache I've had for the past two days wasn't as a result of sitting in the recliner for a long period of time, it is from a Urinary Tract Infection (or so they suspect.)

I am a whiny baby. I am stating this for people who don't know me very well. I don't deal well with pain or feeling bad. All I want to do is go to bed and hopefully when I wake up the pain will be gone!

Okay, back to today. I left the house at 6:45 am. I had no idea what the condition of the roads would be between here and Jonesboro, so I wanted plenty of time. I got there at 8:00. My appointment was scheduled at 9:30!!! They took me right back, after getting my money, of course! What a shock when I got in the waiting room, my friend Darla, was there! I haven't seen here in probably 10 years! She's a facebook friend and we keep up with each other. She hugged me and I told her how sorry I was that her puppy Lily had been killed in an accident. We chatted and then I had to go back.

I've never had an upper GI, I never want to have another one! The worst part is the Barium concoctions they make you drink. The first one was the consistency of glue and it tasted like chalk. I almost gagged on this one. I asked if I could have a little salt and lime with it, but they didn't think I was nearly as funny as I did!! Then they make you roll around so it'll coat your stomach, then you lay on your stomach and drink a thinner mixture (with the same lovely taste). The coolest part about the whole thing was that I could see my insides. This was just too cool. I wish I could have gotten a video of it and I would have given it to Lisa Page!

I left the hospital at 9:15! Heading towards my next appointment for blood work, chest x-ray, and an EKG. I have a lovely purple pump knot on my arm from the blood work. I do believe it's the worst one I've had since the first time I gave blood in high school! Next was a chest x-ray, it was all fine and dandy until I started feeling faint. I don't do well giving blood at all! I've fainted several times, usually providing excellent stories! Last test of the day was an EKG no problem, in and out, lickety-split!

Here's the problem about all this prompt service, my last appointment was scheduled for 2:30. It's 10:30 and what do I do? Go to the mall, where I can smell Auntie Anne's pretzels from over a mile away? Walmart, where they have rotisserie chickens cooking? Kroger, where I might as well just lay in front of the buggies and let people roll over me? Nope, I was good. I went early to the doctor's office. When I walked in they looked at me like I was nuts! I mean, I know I am, but what was I to do? They were kind enough to let me hang out in the EMPTY lobby until time. It didn't stay empty the whole time. A former student came in, also a facebook friend, and we chatted about what's going on, how we're doing and just stuff in general. I love facebook. I enjoy keeping up with many of the people I've met throughout my life. The office staff were sweet and called the nurse and told her whenever she was ready she had patients waiting. After going over all the papers, my medical history, and any questions, I was on my way home!

I got home before 3:00! Here's the bad news: the phone rang. It was the nurse letting me know that my white blood cell count is high. The back ache was more than my butt trying to fuse with the recliner. I waited until Blaine got home from school and he drove me to "Doc in a Box" where I peed in the cup and should know what's going on by Thursday at the latest. So right now, it's me and painkillers. All the food is making me nauseous and I choose not to eat all of it.

I know I keep telling you what a wonderful husband Blaine is. But he is so caring and takes such good care of me! After bringing me home from filling my cup, he went to the store and got me Tylenol and Ex-Lax. What a combination! The Tylenol is for my back ache and the Ex-Lax is for the Barium!

Now here's the best news of all. I have lost SEVEN POUNDS since they weighed me the day before Thanksgiving!!! I'm not posting their weight! They made me weigh with all my clothes and sneakers on, totally doesn't count!

I know this is wordy, but I want to remember all that I did before and after this surgery. If I start to feel like cheating or eating bad foods again, I want to look back and remember the glue I had to drink and ask myself "Is it worth eating this and undo all I had to go through to get here?"


  1. Doc in box eh? Lol! I'm sooo sorry that you have to go through more testing. BUT, if it's an infection you should have enough time to clear it up AND have some relief on the back pain! See, there's ALWAYS a positive! Basically, when I asked about the boullion she said that it would be okay but that we mainly wanted to stay within our wonderful 650 calorie protein diet (said in Ben Stein voice).

  2. lol 650 was never mentioned to me. Nice to have a guideline! Right now I am eating 6 lovely saltine crackers, because everything else was making me nauseous!

  3. Annie,

    YAYYYYYYY you lost 7 pounds!!!!! I'm sorry you're whiney.

    I had sushi for dinner. Would you rather be on the liquid diet or a sushi diet???? Don't you rank sushi right up there with bell peppers?

    I LOVE YOU!!!!

    To your facebook friends who don't know me....
    I am Robin's sister. I call her Annie. That is not her given name but it's what I like to call her :) I am very proud of her for taking this step to improve her health. And I want to thank you for loving and supporting her!


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