Friday, January 21, 2011

Ready? Set! Sleep....zzzzzzz!

Oh lemme tell you, I FEEL PRETTY! Just wanted to share with you what I look like after a night in the recliner!

I guess the best way to do this is chronologically.

Wednesday Night we headed for Jonesboro. Since I had to be at Admissions by 5:30 we didn't want to have to get up at 3:00AM. There's a hotel right across from the hospital, but it looks a little old, so sweetie pie Blaine drove on down to the new Fairfield Inn by Marriott! We checked in and the front desk guy said, "I bet there are still some hamburgers left from the Manager's reception in there." OMG I was starving. I had had 400 calories all day! We went in there and they were sliders. Blaine didn't want any, but I took one. Went to our room. turned on all the lights, and Blaine left to go get the car and our stuff. I ate the meat, but not the bread (yay me!) It was soooo good! Blaine then left to go get some supper. Bad me went back and got more sliders and some cubed cheese. I didn't eat the bread, no condiments, but somehow still felt a little guilty. Nothing else but liquids until midnight. 

The hospital had given me a bottle of Hibiclens and instructions to shower the night before and the morning of the surgery with it. This stuff is bright red, almost hot pink! I felt like Janet Leigh in the Psycho shower scene watching it go down the drain! Afterwards, no lotions, no perfumes, nothing! My skin was soooo dry and itchy. I couldn't get to sleep. I might have been just a wee bit anxious about the surgery too. I took half a Xanax and finally got some sleep.

Woke up Thursday morning and my tummy was NOT liking those hamburger patties and rebelled!! What a day to go nuclear. But I got them all out of my system before I had to go upstairs at the hospital. (Did I tell you Blaine drove by Shipley's and got him a couple of donuts first? He has his moments, poor thing was hungry. Good thing I was so weak, I might have tossed him from the car!!!)

Went to admissions and was sent right upstairs. They gave me this lovely purple disposable gown. I know, I know I should have taken a pic, but just couldn't do it! Next came the blood draw, the taking of the vitals, and my favorite, the placing of the IV. Blaine held my hand through every stick and rubbed my face and told me it was going to be fine. Finally, they came and got me for surgery. Blaine kissed me goodbye, told me he loved me and off I went.

In surgery they asked me more of the same questions,  had to open up and say AHHH for the anesthesthia people. They kept trying to take my glasses and I told them I can't see to sign anything if they take them! Dr. Jones came to see me when he got there. He asked me how I was feeling. I told him I was nervous. He asked me how I'd done on my pre-op diet and I told him I'd lost 14 pounds since the day before Thanksgiving. I think I lost more weight than that. I had to have gained some weight over the holidays and dropped it too!  They came in, gave me some happy juice and out I went!

I don't remember much until they got me back to the outpatient area. I was told I had to drink 8 oz of water and walk around before I could go home. I still had the pulse ox on my finger and was trying to go to sleep and my number would drop. The nurse told me if I didn't get that number up they would make me stay the night. Boy that woke me up!! I was trying hard to breathe well! I got up, walked a couple of times, used the bathroom, and finally they wheeled me out to go home!

Have I mentioned there was a snow storm? Most of the Jonesboro schools were out for the day. When they wheeled me out and Blaine pulled up, the Charger was covered in snow! He took it slow and steady, I slept almost the entire way, and he got us home! He went to Walgreens and dropped off my meds. I was really starting to want the pain meds. When he got back there were only two bottles and neither one of them were for pain! Somehow, somewhere, they hadn't given him the script. He called the hospital (I'm about in tears at this point) and they phoned it in!! Yeah for Blaine. He went and got it and I was ecstatic. That stuff is liquid gold and works lickety-split! It's AWESOME.

I got in the recliner and there I stayed. Blaine went and got my laptop (a must have!) and put everything else I would need on the table beside me. He made me a cup of chicken bouillon and it took me all night to drink it and half a bottle of water! I don't want to get nauseous or throw up. That could seriously damage the placement of my band.

Oh yeah I have five incisions. Four are rather small and one is 2-3 inches. I don't know, but I'm guessing the big one is where the port was placed. The port is how they will do the fills to tighten the the band. Of course one of the incisions is right between my boobs! Right where a bra will rub. I have some major tatas and I don't go out in public without some kind of support! I'm guessing I'll be inside for a while! I don't get to take a shower until Saturday and then I have to wash gently and leave the steri-strips alone. I'm sure I'll be super lovely by tomorrow afternoon! Also, my abdomen is really sore, that's where most of my pain is, but it's gradually getting better. I'm trying not to be a whiner, it's tough not to though!

Today is a snow day in West Memphis. This means another day we'll have to attend in June, boo! But, I'm kinda glad. Blaine was worn out and needed some extra sleep. Between my surgery and all his special services paper work at school, he's been running non-stop. He's such a good husband, he deserved a donut! (It was blueberry filled and that didn't even sound good to me! The other was chocolate covered and that's what almost got him tossed out of the car! I love him still and love him more and more everyday!)

I have an appointment with Dr. Jones on Wednesday at 10:10am. I think he'll tell me I can go back to work then.  I'm not sure. I had originally planned on going back Monday, but I don't think that's going to happen.

That's all I can think of for now. Anesthesia really does a number on my brain. I'll have to ask Blaine what he remembers!


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  1. I'm glad everything went well. Just take it one day at at time.


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