Tuesday, January 18, 2011

So Far, So Good

This morning I had to be in Jonesboro at 10:00 a.m.  I got there, answered a few questions, paid them THOUSANDS of dollars, met with a respiratory nurse, went over all the instructions with another nurse, spoke with the dietitian, had blood drawn, and headed back home.

This time the blood draw was much less traumatic and you really have to search to even see where it was! While last weeks site is a rainbow of purple, green, and yellow!

I actually got back to school in time for it to only count as a half-day absence! woot woot! Good thing I went you'd have thought the kids had gone a month without access to the library. Made me feel good that they wanted in the library!

Right now I'm only anticipating missing a couple of days of school. I may be deluded, but time will tell. I mean let's be honest, I sit at a desk all day long, work on the computer and talk to people. Not a lot of physicality involved.

I really read over the directions the dietitian gave me. Started making out a grocery list of foods I'll need over the next 3-4 weeks. Absolutely no solid foods until I go for my post-op appointment with Dr. Jones. Days 1-4 clear liquids. Days 5-8 full liquids (no chunks), Pureed foods until the appointment. Sound like fun? I know, you're super jealous and wish to join me in this culinary safari!

While I was reading the literature it gave the following example: Right now you're stomach holds about the size of a football, after surgery it will be about the size of a ping-pong ball. Wow, that really put it in perspective for me! I knew 4oz was about the size it would be, but that just really made it snap in my head.

For those of you who might wonder. I chose to do this surgery now, instead of waiting until summer. School is very regimented. I have to be there at a certain time. I keep busy during the day. People come in and take my mind off of things and give me an opportunity to vent if necessary. I need the schedule. I believe it will help me have a successful recovery and retraining period. I want to have this done before summer and get off to a good start!

My family are friends are a big part of how successful this goes. There is no way I could go through this alone. Encouraging words, prayers, and people who just listen are what make me confident in the decision that's been made. Oh yeah! 14 pounds gone since the day before Thanksgiving!

Thank you!


  1. WOOOHOOO 14 lbs! You are seriously on the "losers bench"!

  2. Bat Cave, I just read your blog for the first time. Weight loss is a hard thing, it comes on a lot easier than you can lose it. 14 pounds lost is great. Praying that the surgery goes well.


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