Saturday, January 29, 2011

What a B-E-A-yoo-tee-full Day!!!

Today was gorgeous! We got out. Went to Sam's, visited with Aunt Olivia (love, love, love her!), went and saw The Mechanic (not going to be buying it for our collection) with Charlotte Kuhtz (*hey Char!*), ate at Bob Evan's (Blaine got the senior citizen discount!), and stopped and visited with Blaine's parents. I AM TIRED!

Today I chew, chew, chewed. I ate a piece of catfish! I was sooooo good. I've been dreaming about catfish! As long as I am taking my time, chewing it to liquid, and stopping when I get full I am doing well eating. It is weird to not be cleaning my plate and trying to clean Blaine's too! I had the flounder at Bob Evan's. That's it. None of the baked potato, none of the roll, one baby carrot, and one cauliflower floret. I was STUFFED.  I'm getting used to it though. It's great to finally feel full and not like I have a bottomless pit where my stomach is.

Sleep well!


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