Monday, February 28, 2011

I'm Losing it!

My friend, Sara, introduced me to this website that helps you track everything you eat and keeps up with the calories. You give them all your vital information, tell them how much you want to weigh and how fast you want to lose it, and they tell you how many calories you need to consume a day to achieve your goal. It seems really user friendly and easy! If you have a smart phone they also have an app! I keep track of everything I'm eating in a little notebook and I enter it all on the computer. It's really opening my eyes to how many calories I've been consuming.

I am a salt addict. No way I can go cold turkey, but I am going to make an effort to use less everyday! Decreasing should help with my blood pressure, water retention, and swelling of my hands every morning. Any tips on salt replacement?

Today I had grits (made with water), cheesy bread, vegetable soup, hot fries (they are officially all gone!), spaghetti, broccoli w/cheese sauce, Sister Schubert rolls, and later some Fat Free Pringles and prunes! I'm still working on drinking at least a liter of water a day. I know it needs to be more, but I'll get there!

I think the B-12 tablets are helping a little. They do seem to be causing my face to flush through out the day. Can't figure what else would be the cause. The only other time my face gets red like that is when I'm taking dexamethasone.

Two more days until my appointment! I'm so ready for it to get here! 14 more days until spring break! I believe 62 more days until Summer Vacation! Blaine has a old giant glass jug, it used to be Mom's, that he uses to collect change. I also have a piggy bank! How do you save up money for trips and stuff?


Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Week without Meat

Blaine and I are going to try a week without beef, starting tomorrow. We are going to be concentrating on vegetables and fish. We're wondering if it will make us feel better.

Today we drove all the way out to Collierville. Blaine was wanting some raspberry tea from Chee Burger Chee Burger. We were the only customers when we got there. It took the waiter five minutes to come and get our drink order. He came back and told us they were out of Raspberry. Blaine asked for Peach. He comes back and says they are out of Peach. Blaine asks for Cherry. He brings it out and he's put it in unsweet tea, Blaine asked for sweet. We order. Blaine gets a cheeseburger and I get toasted cheese with lettuce, tomato, onion, and jalepeno. They forget the jalepeno. I eat half my sandwich and ask for a to-go box. No to-go boxes. The server informs me he wasn't here last night and doesn't know why they are out of everything. I ask him to bring me whatever they use for to-go orders. Finally we get some aluminum foil. Seriously, I don't think there was a manager on duty. I did not leave with a good feeling about that place. ughh.

We left and went to Sam's. I walked all over the store, just browsing and looking. Blaine says I have a fascination with vitamins. I did buy some more while we were there! We went to Sonic and got something to drink and finished our to-go leftovers. I did drink half a small cherry slush. We took a long nap when we got home. It is so nice to take a nap in the day. I envy little kids! For dinner we had homemade vegetable soup and pizza bread with cheese and Mrs. Dash. It was pretty good!

I'm excited to be going to New Orleans in June with some of the girls from work. We refer to ourselves as the Margarita girls. New Orleans may never be the same again! We are going to ride the train and stay in the French Quarter! Nothing is calm about this group. They'll probably make me leave my camera at home!

15 more school days until Spring Break!!! Panama City Beach should be great. I love Pineapple Willie's. I also just watching the surf roll in. I do believe Blaine is ready to get out of Arkansas for a few days!


Saturday, February 26, 2011

S-a-t-u-r-d-a-y NIGHT!

Blaine wanted in on tonight's picture. He's so funny, most of the time!

In today's mail were two complimentary passes from the Malco. We jumped in the car and headed to Memphis. We missed the 2:10 showing of The Eagle, due to traffic. We headed to Marshall's after a McDonald's drive by. I sat out in the car read my Kindle and cleaned out the car. I also ate a McDouble and drank some water. We went to my cousin Sharon's house and hung out on her patio for a while. Loved soaking up some sun and just relaxing! I hate to admit it but I had another McDouble before we went to the 4:20 showing of the movie. I'm doing my best to stay honest!

The movie was for Blaine! After watching it I now know why somebody might throw up all their popcorn during the movie! They were eating raw intestines in one scene! I was totally grossed out!!!! After the movie we went and met some friends at the Happy Mexican. I ate chips with salsa and some white cheese dip. Blaine and I shared chicken/steak fajitas. I had one tortilla, a tablespoon of beans, pico de gallo, chicken/steak, and a little lettuce.

I ready for this fill! I don't like the fact that I am eating more than I expected. I hope that a lot of my frustration will be relieved at my appointment and my questions answered. I was doing really good and now I just feel at a stand still. Somebody sent me a message and asked how much weight I'd lost and if I would recommend lap band surgery. I answered about 25 pounds and that I wouldn't feel comfortable recommending it at this point. Right now that's how I feel. I am not regretting having the surgery, but I'm am really discouraged right now. I really need to find a support group in Memphis or go to the one in Jonesboro.


Thank Goodness It's Saturday

I left my phone at school yesterday. I felt like I'd gone out without a bra on. Something was missing! This morning we went to school and got it! Then headed to Huddle House to share breakfast. I had one sausage patty, some hashbrowns with ketchup, and scrambled eggs. Then I started burping. I don't know what's up with the burping, but I'm tired of it. I'm gonna ask the doc about that on Wednesday.

My sinuses and allergies are out of whack. I feel headachy and really congested and pressure behind my eyes.

This afternoon we're going to try and see The Eagle again and then meet up with friends at The Happy Mexican (*hey Char!*)

I think a nap may be in order for all this excitement!


Friday, February 25, 2011

Girls' Night Out

Tonight I went to Margarita's with my friends Kissy and Sara. We had a great time. We needed some girl time! After dinner, we took Kissy home, then Sara and I went to Marion High School's production of Hairspray! It was great! So glad we went!

Today I had Lean Cuisine Lasagna for breakfast, soup and crackers for lunch, cake and ice cream (small pieces!) for snack,  cheese quesadilla and refried beans for dinner, and steak, green beans and au gratin potatoes for a late night snack. (don't freak, it wasn't a full meal. Just leftovers from when Blaine cooked!!!!)

Now I'm watching The Big Bang Theory. Thanks to my friend, Connie, I was able to tape it at 2:07am this morning. I missed it due to the storm coverage last night.

Only 15 more school days until Spring Break! We decided on Panama City Beach. I want to be there now!

Where are you going for Spring Break?


Thursday, February 24, 2011

BBBzzzzzz Bzzzz Zoom Zoom

This morning I took my vitamins and 100 mcg of B-12. I was buzzing around and kind of irritable all morning. My friend Sara said it may have just been my day to be 'irritable'. She said something else, but I'm trying to keep this blog G Rated!

I had Lean Cuisine spaghetti for breakfast. Lean Cuisine Chicken and Lasagna for lunch. I ate 1/2 of an apple and 1/2 of a small baked potato with some fat free Italian dressing. I ate 4oz of cottage cheese and some hot fries (not all at the same time!) I have got to get the Hot Fries out of the library, I have NO will power when it comes to these things. Before we left for work this morning, I put all the ingredients for beef vegetable soup in the crockpot. I put it on low. When we got home I mixed in some soup starter-like stuff and let it cook 30 more minutes. It was sooooo good! I ate too much and have been hurting for a while. I put a bunch of the soup in a bowl and we took it to Blaine's parents and stayed a visited just a little bit. I ate a few prunes and some Fat Free Pringles before going to bed and drank more water.

We have big storms that came through tonight. I'm sad because Big Bang Theory got pre-empted! It got so scary up in the Bat Cave that I went down stairs and got under the covers with Blaine. He refused to get in the tub or the closet with me.

Have you ever seen a tornado?


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I'm Very Frustrated!

I've never been a fan of the scales, until recently. It's almost fun weighing and seeing the number gradually decrease. But lately the digital scales I've been using are not reliable. I can get on the scales three different times and weigh three totally different weights.  This morning I got on the scales and it showed 297.4. That's the first time I've seen a number beginning with 2 in a very long time. But I know my scales, so I got back on and it read 307.2. Come on! This is nuts. I went to Wal*Mart tonight and got a scale with a pointer and numbers. I got on it and Good Grief! It says I weigh 318. I don't know what to think. I'm stressed out and I'm frustrated. I guess I'll find out how much weight I've really lost when I go to the doctor next week.

I did do lots of walking in Wal*Mart. I also bought a George Foreman Grill. Looking forward to cooking some hamburgers and chicken breasts on there. Bought some snacks for Blaine and prunes for me, how fun!

Today I had a Lean Cuisine (Meatloaf and Mashed potatoes) for breakfast. Steamed veggies and Swedish Meatballs for lunch. I ate some Cheetos for a snack. Tonight we went to Gus's and I had a leg, thigh, and some potato salad and was stuffed. Next time I will definitely only have one piece. It is definitely hard adjusting to not needing so much food to make me full.  I'm ready for my first fill. I'm anxious to see how it affects the amount I eat. I know right now I'm able to consume more. Hopefully I'll lose some more weight after the fill.

I was reading an article about lap band success. It stated that it can take up to five years to attain your goal weight loss. I know this is a life long process, but I need to adjust my expectations for how fast I lose weight. I started at 334 in November, 2010. I hope to weight 174 by January 2016. That's about 32 pounds a year or about 3 pounds a month. Surely I can handle that. I may need to adjust my weigh-in postings to once a month.

If you have had a lap-band or know somebody who has one, how fast did they lose their weight?


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

18 more days

I've taken a break from my "How many more mornings until summer vacation" countdown. Today I switched to "How many days until SPRING BREAK!!!" 18 more days and then we get a week off. We've been talking about going somewhere, but haven't made any decisions. We have thought about Panama City Beach, but it is 8-9 hours down there. Contemplated New Orleans, I do love to ride the train! Maybe Las Vegas, but airfares have gone through the roof and rooms are outrageous that week! Any suggestions? I'm always looking for a bargain!

I didn't sleep well last night. Had to have been my drink from Starbucks. That was the first caffeine I've had in a month! I got about four hours sleep! I'm exhausted! We were going to go to trivia but I backed out. I don't think too well when I'm tired. (Sorry Shirey!) We did go for a walk over the Blaine's parents and visited with them.

This morning I ate one of Wal*Mart's generic Lean Cuisine Cheese Ravioli for breakfast, Chicken Margherita for lunch, snacked on Hot and Spicy Pork rinds all day (I won't do that again! I promise) and had green beans, scalloped potatoes, and a Better Cheddar for dinner. I did drink lots more water today. I also bought some B-12 pills, maybe they'll help. I plan on asking the doctor next week about me staying so tired all the time.

I went to Dollar Tree tonight and bought more Hawaiian Punch Sugar Free Lemon-Berry Mix-ins and lots of other stuff. That place is awesome. I love getting stuff for a dollar!!!  I always manage to buy something I desperately need! Like today, I bought some lipstick. Doesn't every woman desperately need a dollar lipstick?


Monday, February 21, 2011

Happy President's Day!

Having a day off has worn me out! We went to eat lunch at Picadilly. I had stuffed fish, broccoli, black-eyed peas, and garlic bread. I ate the stuffing, 1/3 of the peas, a piece of the broccoli, and half the bread. It is also what I plan on having for dinner :) Thank goodness for to-go boxes!

We went to the zoo and walked around. I'm still not back to where I was before the surgery. I was worn out by the time we got to the elephants. First time I haven't made it to the polar bears! I was sweating and my face was red/white striped.

We then went to the Oak Court Mall. Blaine went to Dillard's and Macy's to check out their end of season sales. I am trying not to buy any clothes until I run out of stuff to wear!! While he was shopping I got a Mocha Lite Frappacino from Starbucks. I got the smallest size, it's supposed to have less than 140 calories! Blaine went and got fries and a sandwich from Charley's (I had a coupon for a free sandwich) and I had an Auntie Anne's pretzel, it was sooooo good smothered in mustard!!! I don't want to think about how many calories it had!

Before we got home we stopped by Wal*Mart. My coffee pot had died and needed replaced and I got some groceries. Walking around and pushing a cart has to count as some decent exercise too!

We've been eating out way too much. We are going to try and eat more at home and try to clean out the freezer. I also bought the ingredients for beef vegetable soup, it's Blaine's favorite food. It's just so easy to do that, than to come home and cook and clean, blech!

Do you have any easy, quick meals that you love to fix at home?

My Two Cents

This is an update to yesterday's post about our visit to the Malco. I received the following email:

From: Donald Terry
Subject: Paradiso concernsDate: Monday, February 21, 2011, 10:10 AM

Mrs. Reeves,

Thank you for emailing me concerning your recent visit to the Malco Paradiso.

I am so sorry for what you experienced but I do want to assure you that our Usher do clean up after the movies and for some reason they must have missed the vomit on the seat.  This of course is not acceptable and I will speak with the General Manager about the issue.  I again apologize to you for the problem but hopefully you have attended our theatres in the past and know that is not how we operate.

I will be glad to mail you a couple of additional tickets that you may use in the future at any Malco Theatre.

Again, thank you for letting me know about the problem and I hope you have a nice week.


Donald A. Terry

Malco Theatres, Inc.
Vice President - Memphis Area District
5851 Ridgeway Center Pkwy.
Memphis, TN 38120

Here's my reply:

Dear Mr. Terry,

Thank you very much for your quick response. I do know that this is not usually how the Malcos, I have visited, operate. I did think it needed to be brought to your attention. It was of such a quantity that I can not believe anyone, who checked that aisle, could have missed it or its aroma.

Thank you again and tickets would be appreciated!

Robin Reeves

How's that for a fast response?? I try not to complain unless it's something that really upsets me.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Oh, What a Night!

Today was a lazy day. We hung around the house, took a nap, and then around six we headed out. We decided to go to the movies and see "The Eagle" I'd tell you what it's about but I didn't get to see the movie. I sent the following letter to Malco after we got home:

Tonight my husband and I went to see "The Eagle" at the Malco Paradiso in Memphis. We drove from West Memphis, Arkansas. We waited in line, paid $20 for two tickets, waited in line and got the large popcorn/drink combo and a large water and paid $13.75 for that, went to our theater and sat down. We were sitting there and noticed a particularly pungent aroma. Looked behind our seats and the floor and one of the seats were covered in popcorn vomit! We tried moving to another seat, but we could still smell it. I had to go out and find someone to clean it up. What happened to theaters being checked and cleaned between movies? The box office was really quick about refunding our tickets, but what about the $13.75? We couldn't return that and you know you WAY over charge for concessions. We love to go to the movies and generally go 2-3 times a month. I just wanted to let you know how unhappy I am with the service we received.

I gave them my name and address, I wonder if they'll reply!

I am one of those sympathetic hurlers, so it was imperative that we leave! Poor Blaine threw away all his popcorn, after what he'd seen and smelled it had to go!

We left and went down to the Mississippi River Greenbelt Park and watched the stars and the river for a while and then we came home. Kind of a let down of a night!

Today we ate grilled chicken, mashed potatoes and green beans. Split the leftover Corky's sandwich later and then had some more chicken.  My stomach is still a little queasy just from thinking about the movies. I have to say, that is one of the grossest things that I've ever seen in the movies!


The Third Oldest Profession

So, I've decided to start posting a side-by-side every week. I tried to make the same face and get just as close to the camera.

Today is a beautiful day outside. The only thing that makes today better is that we don't have to go to work tomorrow! I love doing what I do. But I truly believe that if it weren't for the holidays and vacations a lot more teachers would get burned out and quit. Not because they don't enjoy what they do, but because of the stress involved.  Most teachers have all the stress you imagine: lesson plans, parent conferences, grading papers, and kids that don't want to learn. But with No Child Left Behind new stresses have been added: benchmark scores, school improvement, scholastic audits, ACSIP, and all the committees that meet on a weekly basis, clubs that are sponsored, teams that are coached, students that need tutored, and anything else deemed necessary. Unless you have worked as a teacher, you honestly can't imagine what they go through everyday. 

Sign up to sub, if you have the time. You'll be amazed.  If you have children, let their teachers know you support them. I know there are some bad teachers out there that give the profession a black-eye, but the good/great ones are plentiful! 


p.s. The "Oldest Profession" we know :-D, the second is up for debate, so I chose the Third! Good things come in threes!

January 6, 2011 - 327 pounds
February 20, 2011 - 322 pounds

Saturday, February 19, 2011

One more thing to add to my list!

 Today was a lazy kind of day. I slept until 10! Blaine got up and went to school this morning to work on his special services paperwork! He's so dedicated to being finished by their deadline. He came home and we puttered around and got ready.

We went to Corky's for lunch. It was soooooo good!! I ordered a regular sandwich and some potato salad. I've really been wanting potato salad! I ate about half of what they brought me! I ate 1 1/2 rolls and about 1/3 of the meat and slaw out of my sandwich, none of the bun!

We went and saw "I am Number Four" It's a sci-fi action movie. No cussing (that I remember), no nudity or sex, but lots of violence and several killings. I somewhat enjoyed the movie. If they make a sequel, I think I'd like to see it. It doesn't tie up real neatly and sets up for possible sequels. Blaine didn't hate it! It may have been a little too intense for me in sections. I had to cover my eyes or ears. If I'd had a mute button I'd have definitely clicked it!

My Avon hat I ordered from my friend Charlotte Kuhtz came today!!! I love it. I may have to wait until next December to wear it! I love quirky hats, much to my friends' dismay. I can't help it! This one seems considerably tamer than my sock monkey or panda hat! If you need Avon, Char is the woman to call! Char's Avon Web Page

We ended our night at McAlister's Deli. I did NOT drink any of the sweet tea, as much as I LOVE IT! We shared a Reuben sandwich and each got a cup of soup. I was starving by the time our food got there. I ate all of my soup and all of my half of the sandwich (minus half the bread!) I now have another food to add to my list of things NOT TO EAT!!!! Sauerkraut is of the devil and has made me miserable for the last hour! I have been burping non-stop. It's awful! Never again!!! What can I take for relief?

We did get a little walk in today, slowly but surely!


Friday, February 18, 2011

WBC was home to me!

I read Kelly's Korner every day. She has been doing a "Show us your life" series and this is my first time to participate. Today's theme is about your alma mater. I am very proud of the fact that I attended Williams Baptist College.  I received an excellent education, but more importantly I made some great friends and memories!

We occasionally played a cup game in the cafeteria when we got bored. Today I introduced it to some of the girls at school I think they had fun, I know I did! The video is of us playing the cup game today! I received a BSE in Elementary Education with a minor in History. I lived on campus for four years. Thanks to Facebook and texting, I still keep in touch with many of the people I met there. If you're looking to be a big fish in a tiny pond, this could be the college for which you've been searching!

Williams is located in Walnut Ridge, Arkansas. If you are looking for a small college with Christian values, this is the place for you or your children! I have never regretted one moment I spent there!

 Here's a Lap-Band update. I get hungry every two hours. I'm trying to make good choices. Protein and veggies, but sometimes it's pickles, baked hot fries, or jello w/fruit. I'm still not eating nearly as much but the weight loss has slowed down, which is discouraging. I have my first "fill" scheduled March, 2. From what I've read the fill should help do away with the munchies and kick start the weight loss again. I sure hope so! I'm tired of feeling hungry all the time!

Today the house alarm went off again!!! I tried to rip it off of the wall! Finally the company called me back and told me how to make it shut up! They are supposed to make a house call sometime soon!

I'm looking forward to our three-day weekend!!!


Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Wild Side

The past couple of days have been fast and furious! Yesterday, I woke up at 4:15 to go to the bathroom. Got back in bed, and the fire alarm started going off! We checked every smoke alarm in the house and they were all green! I canceled the alarm went back to bed and the thing started going off again! I turned it off and called the alarm company. Told the guy there wasn't a fire and he said somebody would call me back. We didn't get a phone call until 7:31am! We were already gone to work! I don't know what happened but if it happens again, I'm going to get a little irate!

Needless to say, I was EXHAUSTED at work yesterday. But my friend Laura had invited me to go to a book signing at Davis-Kidd in Memphis. Michael Oher was signing his new book!
 We got there at 4:15pm and didn't leave until 8:00pm! I bought a couple of books to have him sign. I'm going to give them away as Accelerated Reader prizes at East! There had to be 1000 people there, it was NUTS!
After Laura and I went to Chili's for some food. I got the mini burgers and ate one of them and a few fries and THREE glasses of water! I was parched! By the time Laura dropped me at home it was 10:00pm!! I went straight to bed and no computer time!

Today was a pretty good day. Not much to complain about! I did watch the Jr. High basketball team 8th period. I shot a basketball for the first time in years! Two air balls in a row! I was so shamed :( I need to get out there more. I finally made a shot from under the goal!

After school Blaine and I went to Margaritas and got fajitas for two. We really should have just gotten fajitas for one! I ate some of the chicken and onions. Some of the beans and all of the pico de gallo, none of the tortillas or rice! Later we went to Westside Cakes and got cupcakes. I ate a double chocolate cupcake and some skim milk. It took me about an hour to eat the whole thing. I was wanting it so bad. So far it hasn't made me sick! I don't do it every day, so I don't feel guilty!

This weekend is supposed to be gorgeous, a payday, AND a three-day weekend!!! How awesome is that!! I don't know what we're going to do. I have a feeling a trip to the zoo will be happening! Maybe some other outside activities will be planned.


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I Go Out Walking

It's a beautiful evening! When we got home Blaine and I walked over to his parent's house. Had a nice little visit with them and walked back home. I cooked dinner. Grilled chicken for Blaine, Grilled Tilapia for me, boiled squash, green beans, and crescent rolls. I ate too much and now I'm hurting.

I get hungry every two hours. I did some reading today and discovered that it isn't unusual for bands that haven't been filled or aren't filled enough. This should go away after my first fill. I'm still losing weight and that's great!

I haven't been exercising like I should. I have a million excuses. I am going to do better!

I'm still burping like crazy. Today on our walk it was even worse.  Probably disturbed some of the neighbors! Maybe this is something I'll have to deal with from now on. If this is the worst thing, I'm okay with it!

The weather is supposed to be in the 70's soon. Maybe we'll make a trip to the zoo!


p.s. 70 more mornings until summer vacation!!!!!!!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day! Today about wore me out. I had a dream last night that I replace Gwyneth Paltrow and was singing the song Otherwise Known as Forget You with Cee Lo Green at the Grammy's last night. I was already tired from all that performing when I woke up! 

I took the Valentine's Day Beta Club pictures at school today. By the time that was over I had a headache, I was hungry, and I needed a nap!!! After school I sold snacks, helped Blaine with some Special Services paper work, and then he went back to his room and did some more work. When we finally left  campus we headed to Picadilly. Blaine's most favorite place to eat of all time is Picadilly. Traffic was awful, but we finally got there. He had chicken fried chicken and I had stuffed fish. It was baked fish filled with shrimp stuffing. I didn't get any bread and chose cheesy mashed potatoes and green beans. I brought home half the fish, most of the potatoes and all of the green beans.

Blaine gave me some Victoria's Secret  bubble bath and some Sexy Little Things Noir Body Mist. I got him a bunch of funny boxers and Andes Mints. Looks like I got the better end of the bargain! He's so sweet!

I think my friends are getting tired of me talking about my lap-band and what's going on with me. I need to be a better friend and quit talking about myself. So if I have inundated you with tales of food and how excited I am, I am sorry.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Can you see a difference?

People keep asking me if I can feel a difference. Honestly, I don't. My clothes aren't as tight, which is great! That's about the only thing that has changed. So when I pulled this picture from my January 7th blog and looked at it next to today's picture. I can honestly say I see a difference! I showed it to Blaine and he said WOW! you look swollen. I told him I wasn't swollen, that's FAT. It's amazing what a difference a month can make.

Today we went to see my Aunt Olivia. I love her! I took her some hyacinths. I thought she could use a little pick-me-up for Valentine's Day. Then we went to the mall, so Blaine could do a little shopping. Bonefish Grill was next. We had Bang Bang Shrimp, Fish and NO CHIPS (I got Au gratin potatoes instead), and a Kobe Burger. I ate 4 shrimp, one piece of fish, two bites of potatoes, and I was done! We got to-go boxes and we will probably have it for lunch tomorrow. Before we headed home, we stopped and visited with Blaine's parents. I'm lucky to have in-laws that I like!

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day and a Monday, which is awful. So we had ours today! I love Blaine, he's such a good husband. More than that, he's a good man and a good friend. I'm proud to tell people I'm married to him.

At school tomorrow I'm taking the Beta Club Valentine pictures. That ought to be a thrill a minute! 

Even if you don't have a significant other, take the time to tell the ones you love how special they are to you. I never get tired of hearing that I am loved and I'm sure they will appreciate it!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Date Night!!!

Today I went to Paragould and my friend, Jennifer, cut and colored my hair. She also ripped all the unwanted hairs off of my face, OUCH! She's awesome. She's one of my friends that no matter where I live she's going to be a permanent friend! She's been 'doing' my hair for 15 years.

I remember sitting in the floor and getting a perm from here when she was still in school. I know 75 miles is a long way to drive but I trust her and I love visiting with her! After we were all done today I went to visit another friend, Lisa. We taught next to each other for 5 years. We've been great friends for a long time. She's another friend I have that will tell me the truth and keep it real. Even though we don't talk as much as we used to, we pick right up whenever we see each other. I love these friends that stay with me through out my life.

When I got home Blaine and I decided to go out. Since Jen had fixed up my hair, I put on a little makeup. I also wore a pair of jeans I hadn't put on in over a year and a top I bought in October, but was a little too tight when it arrived. That felt great!

I hate a couple of pieces of lettuce, some diced tomatoes, onion and a little ranch, a bite of Blaine's lasagna, 5 pieces of cheese ravioli and Sicily's yummy meat sauce with Parmesan cheese.  I'm full!!!
On a more delicate note, I am burping more and more. I don't know what's causing it, but I'm a blast to be around!!!

I HAVE LOST 22 POUNDS!!!!!!!!!!!
1/6/2011 - 327
2/12/2011 - 305


Friday, February 11, 2011

It's the End of the World!

We are watching the movie "2012" I've seen it before, but I love disaster movies. There's no telling how many times I watched "The Day after Tomorrow", "Armageddon", and "Independence Day" (I have it on my iPod!) I don't know what it is about them. They are usually super cheesy and implausible beyond belief. Somehow I just keep getting drawn in!

If, as the Mayans predicted, 2012 is the end of it all, I am running behind on my bucket list. Gonna have to get going on that!

Today was a weird day. It felt more like a Monday than a Friday. All those snow days have totally thrown me off!

I'm excited! Tomorrow I am going to see my friend Jennifer and she is going to remove the caterpillars from my face, cut and color may hair, and make me a whole new me! I'll make sure and get a good picture of it before I mess up all her good work!

Blaine is still feeling cruddy. Hopefully he'll be feeling better soon!

I'm still having some discomfort inside. It feels like it is the actual device and not from whatever food I've eaten. I'll ask lots of questions at my next appointment on March 2! It hurts more when I'm laying on my side. So I'm trying to sleep more on my back. Still haven't tried sleeping on my stomach.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Somethings Shouldn't be Shared!

If you look closely, you might notice I'm a little flushed. Blaine hasn't been feeling top-notch lately and now I'm not. His germs decided they were tired of his body and are now residing in mine! I'm achy, feverish, sore throat, snotty-nosed, and generally just not feeling groovy.

I had planned on making chili yesterday. Blaine said he'd rather have fish sticks, so I made chili today. Turned out pretty good. Right now it is really hurting my tummy. I probably ate too much. The beans are probably part of the problem. Anybody want some chili? Most of the time I'm doing really good about stopping when I get full. Sometimes, I get caught up in the food and eat more than I should. It sure doesn't feel good when it happens. It isn't just a full feeling, it is also physically painful. It is quite the deterrent to repeating my mistakes!

Today Blaine and  I have been discussing going somewhere during Spring Break. We'd love to fly somewhere like Las Vegas or Hawaii. If you don't know those are the two places we most frequently go. People ask us why we don't go to a new place.

We really like these two places. We're able to choose a hotel and not have to rent a car to get around. Both places have excellent public transportation. I did tell Blaine I'd rather wait on a trip to Hawaii until after I lose some more weight.

It will make the lonnnnng flight more comfortable. Maybe we'll head to Destin or Panama City Beach. I'll keep you updated!

Do you have a favorite vacation spot?

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Filet 'o' Cake

This is how Blaine eats cake. My sister, Tanya, dubbed it the filet 'o' cake. After this piece is eaten you might as well throw the rest away! It cracks me up and I had to take a picture of it. I sent it via MMS to Tanya. She loaded it on Facebook. I snagged it from there. You might ask why I didn't put it on facebook myself. I am too cheap to add the Internet service to my cell phone. I just can't seem to justify how much the data package is. The only time I really want it, is when I want to upload a picture.

Someday, I'm going to break down and get an iPhone or a new Blackberry. But the minute I get a new phone ATT is going MAKE me get a data plan. I got my current Blackberry just a few days before they began to require a data plan with a smart phone purchase. I have a smart phone that isn't living up to its potential. It's a slacker phone!

Do you or your family members have weird ways of eating food?

Oh the weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful!

And since we've no place to go, Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow! We got a text and phone calls this morning telling us school was closed. I opened the blinds, expecting to see a blanket of snow, and there was nothing! No snow, no ice, no rain, nothing! We went back to sleep. When we finally got up, still no snow! We decided to go to Waffle House and share an All-Star breakfast. Pretty good! Then drove through McDonald's to get some gift certificates, Wal*Mart for drinks, and a visit to Blaine's parents. By the time we got home our street was white and it was about 1:00pm.

It looks like we've gotten about four inches of snow. School has already been canceled for tomorrow. It looks like we'll be getting out of school sometime in the middle of June, boo! I like a little snow, I dislike missing school.  I was not productive with my day off. I took a bath and read a vampire novel, took a nap and read another book, heated up some fish sticks, green beans, and mashed potatoes. I had planned on cooking chili, but Blaine said he'd rather have it tomorrow. We're planning on doing a little house cleaning tomorrow. This dry weather is making a deep layer of dust all over the house. We have enough dust to make Adam a brother!

Feeling great, still have a few twinges, but nothing painful! Still working on getting enough water and not quite succeeding. But I am trying!

Thinking about making some snow cream. Do you have a recipe? I need one! (It's mostly for Blaine, I promise I won't eat much!)


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Fat Bottom Girls Rock!

I remember when I was younger, my sister would make me mix tapes for Christmas. I loved them. I actually still have some of them! She introduced me to AC/DC, Queen, and various other groups that were bad for me! I love their music. If I ever need to clean the house and I really don't want to, I just put that music on and I can clean and dance the day away! When I first began teaching one of my students brought me a Queen CD. I played it so much we all had the lyrics memorized!  I still have that CD! It's in my stereo in the kitchen. I still love it. Blaine and I went to see an AC/DC concert. I have to admit it has been my most favorite concert of all time. It beat out the Rolling Stones, the Eagles, it beat them all!!!

It's supposed to be Snow-maggeddon tomorrow here. So, of course, we went to the grocery store for milk, bread, and anything else we thought we might want to eat over the next week! I bought some fish, the fixins for chili, all sorts of stuff. We got home, unloaded the groceries, got back in the car and headed to Margaritas. I love their food. I've been in there before and I have to admit I would order a cheese quesadilla, Eduardo's special, and Margarita dip. I would eat it all and drink a soda along with it. Tonight I ordered the kid's quesadilla. It comes with beans and rice. I didn't eat the rice. I don't want another repeat of the last time I ate it! I ate a few tortilla chips with salsa, the quesadilla, and the beans and I was stuffed! I'm still getting used to getting full so fast. I figure after my first fill, I'll get full even faster!

On a side note, my face is really breaking out. It's on the right side of my face, the side that doesn't sweat. I don't know if it's because I have dry skin or I'm not drinking enough, or hormones. But I hate feeling like I have teenager skin again!

We'll be going to school in the morning. Hopefully, we'll be there long enough for the day to count. It irritates me to get up and get dressed and still have to make up the day! We're already going to be going in June!

Be careful in the Snow-pacolypse!


Monday, February 7, 2011

Anything for my Honey!

Now before I begin extolling the wonders of my husband, I need to be clear, he is human and he is a man. That being said, Blaine is a wonderful husband. He has taken such good care of me. Not just during my lap-band surgery and recovery, but the whole time we have been together. He's been really tired today and he didn't get enough "good" sleep last night. We were upstairs watching television and he commented that he wanted a piece of cake. I asked him if he wanted me to bake him one. He said he'd go to the store and get one. I didn't let him go to the store. I got him to go to the kitchen with me. He picked out what flavor cake and even helped. I made him a chocolate cake with chocolate icing. After it finished cooking, I cut him a piece out of the center of the pan (He doesn't like the edges!) He was so excited he gobbled it down. Then he fell asleep in his recliner! We're going to bed early tonight! He needs some quality sleep.

I had eggs, ham, and a few potatoes for breakfast. Chicken and noodles with mixed veggies and some peaches for lunch. Szechuan chicken (NO RICE), an egg roll, and a tiny piece of chocolate cake with some no sugar added cool whip for dinner. We'll see how all this sets. I'm giving the cool whip a second chance. It may get thrown out tomorrow otherwise!

I'm still having lots of burping, especially at night. I'll lay on my right side, then switch to my left and I will have the longest and nastiest sounding burp. If I were a seventh grade boy I'd be so proud and probably record it and show it off!!! Who knows, maybe one night I'll get Blaine to record me and I'll text it to my sister!

Here's a question, when you lose weight where do you notice it first? Right now I see to be noticing a slight decrease in my boobs and thighs.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

If It's Weird, I'm gonna get it!

I was trying to get a picture where you can see my pupils. Usually they are different sizes. Several years ago, I had something called a Schwannoma removed from the vagus nerve on the right side of my neck. Because of the swelling, it caused trauma to my sympathetic nervous system. As a result, my pupils are not equal in dilation, only the left side of my head sweats, and I have a droopy eye. The tireder I am the more my eye droops. Now if all this weren't enough, in January 2010, I had an episode of Bell's Palsy. It didn't affect my eye, it affected my tongue. I spoke as if I'd had a stroke for quite a while. I still have a little trouble with some sounds, but I'm really the only one who notices.

The thing about Horner's syndrome is that it occurs more commonly with dogs who have had their leash jerked. My friend Mandy has something more common to cows and our friend Charlotte has something more common in horses! Aren't we a strange little group?

I figure if there's something strange it's going to happen to me, especially if it's named after somebody.

Today I drank Carnation Instant Breakfast Essentials. It's not awful. Almost like drinking chocolate milk, almost. I had pizza for lunch and will probably have it again for dinner.  This isn't the first time I've had pizza bread, but it is my first time for toppings. It was sooooo good.  So far so good!

I believe the surgery and the diet are playing havoc with my hormones and messing with my cycle. Enough already!!

I have an appointment on Saturday to see my friend Jen. She's going to rip the caterpillars off of my face!!! Also going to get a cut and color. I still haven't decided what I'm going to have done. I may just get my roots covered and have a trim. Who knows?

Today is the Super Bowl. I'm all about the commercials. Not much into the football. I'm super excited about the Glee episode following the game!!


Saturday, February 5, 2011

Accessories by Pampered Chef

This is my ponytail holder for today. I couldn't find my other one and this was upstairs. I couldn't take my hair being down anymore! So, I just used what was available. This is a Pampered Chef Chip Clip. It makes a wonderful hair clip also. No pulling and no slippage! I've also been known to use pens, pencils, chopsticks, crochet needles, and anything else that will do the job! I love Pampered Chef. I have a problem saying "No" when it comes to those parties. I have some of the cookware, which is WONDERFUL! I have most of their gadgets and a baking stone. The baking stone is pretty groovy too, but the stainless steel pans are still my favorites! I seriously considered becoming a consultant at one point, but decided I was too lazy!

This past week was the first time I have worked an entire week at school, since the beginning of December! I didn't realize how tired I was. We were planning on going to see True Grit this afternoon, but I took a nap and didn't wake up until after FIVE!!! Man, I slept good. If there is one thing I do really well, it is sleeping! I rarely have insomnia and not much wakes me up. The colder the room the better I sleep. Summer time is awful. Unless the A/C is cranked I don't sleep near as well.
More fish today, tilapia and catfish, green beans, mac & cheese, and a little chili. I'm not as sore as I was yesterday. I've been trying to be cautious about getting up and thinking before doing! I'm working harder on trying to drink more water. I believe this may help with my headaches. I know I am not drinking the 64 oz a day I'm supposed to be getting. But, dadgummit, if I don't get tired of having to go potty every 5 minutes!!!!

Feel free to leave a comment here or to rate the blog! I love getting feedback! Any suggestions for topics? Do you get tired of me talking about what I've had to eat? Or whining about being tired?


Friday, February 4, 2011

Maybe not my smartest move!

Today was going pretty good. Not too much drama or PITA students. Nothing out of the ordinary. I was in one of the back rooms in the library, starting to get things together for my after school concession stand. The table collapses with all my 'inventory.' I sit in the floor to try and pick up all the ring pops. When I get done, I stand up. Let me interject here, I have often sat in the floor throughout my life. I am often more comfortable in the floor than in a chair. But today, when I started to get up out of the floor, something hurt. Something hurt bad! I felt a burning sensation to the left of where my main incision is. I don't know if messed anything up. I just know I'm tender and sore. I never thought about me doing more than I should be doing. I was just doing normal stuff. My friend Sara told me I didn't need to be lifting over 300 pounds. I replied that none of that stuff was heavy. She said she was talking about me lifting MY BUTT off of the floor. OHHHHH I hadn't thought about it that way. No more sitting on the floor for a long time!

On a happier note. I weighed today. It's been a month (tomorrow) since I started the pre-op diet. I have lost 18 pounds!!!!

Starting weight -  327
2/4/2011 - 309

I'm starting to be able to tell a difference in some of my pants. I'm still wearing soft comfy pants every day, they feel better on my stomach. But, I can tell they are starting to get looser! I'm excited but I know the best is yet to come.

I just hope I haven't messed anything up by trying to lift 309 pounds off of the floor today!


Thursday, February 3, 2011

Girls' Night Out

Sometimes you just need a little girl talk. Tonight I met my friend Ouida for dinner. We have been through lots together. We became librarians at the same time. Went through graduate school together. Dealt with boys and men and all the drama they bring with them. She is one of my true friends. She tells me when I am wrong and to get it together. She also commiserates with me when I'm feeling bad. She knows if she needs me I'm just a phone call away! I am thankful for her and her friendship.

Tonight we met at Colton's and had some good ol' fashioned girl talk! I had blackened grilled tilapia and baked potato. I ate half of the tilapia and some of the baked potato and brought the rest home. I'm doing much better since the rice :-D I've been having issues during the day with having the munchies. I'm trying really hard to be good, but it's tough.

I also was told today that my friend Mandy is in the hospital. She's having trouble breathing and was airlifted to the hospital in Tupelo today. I don't get to see her near as much as I'd like. She moved down to Mississippi and I miss her. I'm going to try and be a better friend. I promise! Please pray for her and a swift recovery.


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Hairy Situation

I have a dilemma. I desperately need a new hair style. I need something LOW maintenance. I am also tired of the slick-backed look that comes with my pony tail. I can't stand having hair in my face and I love the ease of just putting my hair up and not having to mess with it!

My friend Jen has been "doing" my hair since she was in beauty school. She does an awesome job. Never judge her on how my hair looks! If I took the time, you'd know how awesome she is!

So any suggestions on a new "do"? Bangs? Shorter? New Color?

I ate some of my chicken and rice concoction yesterday. My tummy was NOT HAPPY. I burped and belched all night and most of the day today. I'm guessing that it will be a while before I try rice again. Tonight I had a piece of fish and part of a bowl of chili. It was mmmm mmmm good! I'm still loving fish. It's easy to chew and is an excellent source of protein!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Insert Funny Blog Title Here "_____"

Gee Whiz it has gotten COLD!! Thank goodness we got our precipitation this morning while it was still somewhat warm. Otherwise, we'd have had a gigantic mess on our hands. I love snow days, I DO NOT love making them up. The days we wind up losing to them are generally beautiful June days. Today is also the "Hundredth Day" of school. Woohoo, we don't do much to celebrate that at the Junior High level. I was more excited when the number of days left until summer vacation went below 100!!! By the way 80 more days!!

I'm doing okay food wise. I know that my lap band hasn't been tightened yet. I will be able to eat less than I am now. What I am eating determines how fast I get full. Somethings I can only eat a few bites and others I can eat more. I'm learning every day.

I feel mostly recovered from the surgery. The only thing that bothers me is my port. It really doesn't bother me until I go to bed. If I am on my right side, it is kinda painful. Not so much on my back or left side. Hopefully as time goes by, I'll get used to having it.  I've also been extremely tired. I'm hoping as I lose the weight that my energy level will start to increase. I guess my body is just getting used to running on fewer calories.

I'm supposed to be walking 20 minutes every day. I haven't done it every day, but I'm close. I'm going to do better!

I plan on being in bed by 8pm tonight!