Tuesday, February 22, 2011

18 more days

I've taken a break from my "How many more mornings until summer vacation" countdown. Today I switched to "How many days until SPRING BREAK!!!" 18 more days and then we get a week off. We've been talking about going somewhere, but haven't made any decisions. We have thought about Panama City Beach, but it is 8-9 hours down there. Contemplated New Orleans, I do love to ride the train! Maybe Las Vegas, but airfares have gone through the roof and rooms are outrageous that week! Any suggestions? I'm always looking for a bargain!

I didn't sleep well last night. Had to have been my drink from Starbucks. That was the first caffeine I've had in a month! I got about four hours sleep! I'm exhausted! We were going to go to trivia but I backed out. I don't think too well when I'm tired. (Sorry Shirey!) We did go for a walk over the Blaine's parents and visited with them.

This morning I ate one of Wal*Mart's generic Lean Cuisine Cheese Ravioli for breakfast, Chicken Margherita for lunch, snacked on Hot and Spicy Pork rinds all day (I won't do that again! I promise) and had green beans, scalloped potatoes, and a Better Cheddar for dinner. I did drink lots more water today. I also bought some B-12 pills, maybe they'll help. I plan on asking the doctor next week about me staying so tired all the time.

I went to Dollar Tree tonight and bought more Hawaiian Punch Sugar Free Lemon-Berry Mix-ins and lots of other stuff. That place is awesome. I love getting stuff for a dollar!!!  I always manage to buy something I desperately need! Like today, I bought some lipstick. Doesn't every woman desperately need a dollar lipstick?



  1. I went to Dollar Tree today, too. :)


  2. I'm so proud of you girl! Not only are you eating better but you're keeping up with your blog!! <3

  3. Mount Magazine is nice and relaxing I hear.


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