Monday, February 7, 2011

Anything for my Honey!

Now before I begin extolling the wonders of my husband, I need to be clear, he is human and he is a man. That being said, Blaine is a wonderful husband. He has taken such good care of me. Not just during my lap-band surgery and recovery, but the whole time we have been together. He's been really tired today and he didn't get enough "good" sleep last night. We were upstairs watching television and he commented that he wanted a piece of cake. I asked him if he wanted me to bake him one. He said he'd go to the store and get one. I didn't let him go to the store. I got him to go to the kitchen with me. He picked out what flavor cake and even helped. I made him a chocolate cake with chocolate icing. After it finished cooking, I cut him a piece out of the center of the pan (He doesn't like the edges!) He was so excited he gobbled it down. Then he fell asleep in his recliner! We're going to bed early tonight! He needs some quality sleep.

I had eggs, ham, and a few potatoes for breakfast. Chicken and noodles with mixed veggies and some peaches for lunch. Szechuan chicken (NO RICE), an egg roll, and a tiny piece of chocolate cake with some no sugar added cool whip for dinner. We'll see how all this sets. I'm giving the cool whip a second chance. It may get thrown out tomorrow otherwise!

I'm still having lots of burping, especially at night. I'll lay on my right side, then switch to my left and I will have the longest and nastiest sounding burp. If I were a seventh grade boy I'd be so proud and probably record it and show it off!!! Who knows, maybe one night I'll get Blaine to record me and I'll text it to my sister!

Here's a question, when you lose weight where do you notice it first? Right now I see to be noticing a slight decrease in my boobs and thighs.

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  1. It is different for each woman. Many lose weight in their boobs which they hate. Me I have plenty and would be glad to lose some their. Some loose in their face, getting rid of a second or third chin. Did you take all your measurements before the surgery so you can compare afterwards?


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