Friday, February 25, 2011

Girls' Night Out

Tonight I went to Margarita's with my friends Kissy and Sara. We had a great time. We needed some girl time! After dinner, we took Kissy home, then Sara and I went to Marion High School's production of Hairspray! It was great! So glad we went!

Today I had Lean Cuisine Lasagna for breakfast, soup and crackers for lunch, cake and ice cream (small pieces!) for snack,  cheese quesadilla and refried beans for dinner, and steak, green beans and au gratin potatoes for a late night snack. (don't freak, it wasn't a full meal. Just leftovers from when Blaine cooked!!!!)

Now I'm watching The Big Bang Theory. Thanks to my friend, Connie, I was able to tape it at 2:07am this morning. I missed it due to the storm coverage last night.

Only 15 more school days until Spring Break! We decided on Panama City Beach. I want to be there now!

Where are you going for Spring Break?


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  1. Spring Break? What spring break? I think I get a Friday and a Monday for it. :-(


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