Monday, February 28, 2011

I'm Losing it!

My friend, Sara, introduced me to this website that helps you track everything you eat and keeps up with the calories. You give them all your vital information, tell them how much you want to weigh and how fast you want to lose it, and they tell you how many calories you need to consume a day to achieve your goal. It seems really user friendly and easy! If you have a smart phone they also have an app! I keep track of everything I'm eating in a little notebook and I enter it all on the computer. It's really opening my eyes to how many calories I've been consuming.

I am a salt addict. No way I can go cold turkey, but I am going to make an effort to use less everyday! Decreasing should help with my blood pressure, water retention, and swelling of my hands every morning. Any tips on salt replacement?

Today I had grits (made with water), cheesy bread, vegetable soup, hot fries (they are officially all gone!), spaghetti, broccoli w/cheese sauce, Sister Schubert rolls, and later some Fat Free Pringles and prunes! I'm still working on drinking at least a liter of water a day. I know it needs to be more, but I'll get there!

I think the B-12 tablets are helping a little. They do seem to be causing my face to flush through out the day. Can't figure what else would be the cause. The only other time my face gets red like that is when I'm taking dexamethasone.

Two more days until my appointment! I'm so ready for it to get here! 14 more days until spring break! I believe 62 more days until Summer Vacation! Blaine has a old giant glass jug, it used to be Mom's, that he uses to collect change. I also have a piggy bank! How do you save up money for trips and stuff?


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  1. is a site you can use to keep up with your calories and exercise.


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