Friday, February 11, 2011

It's the End of the World!

We are watching the movie "2012" I've seen it before, but I love disaster movies. There's no telling how many times I watched "The Day after Tomorrow", "Armageddon", and "Independence Day" (I have it on my iPod!) I don't know what it is about them. They are usually super cheesy and implausible beyond belief. Somehow I just keep getting drawn in!

If, as the Mayans predicted, 2012 is the end of it all, I am running behind on my bucket list. Gonna have to get going on that!

Today was a weird day. It felt more like a Monday than a Friday. All those snow days have totally thrown me off!

I'm excited! Tomorrow I am going to see my friend Jennifer and she is going to remove the caterpillars from my face, cut and color may hair, and make me a whole new me! I'll make sure and get a good picture of it before I mess up all her good work!

Blaine is still feeling cruddy. Hopefully he'll be feeling better soon!

I'm still having some discomfort inside. It feels like it is the actual device and not from whatever food I've eaten. I'll ask lots of questions at my next appointment on March 2! It hurts more when I'm laying on my side. So I'm trying to sleep more on my back. Still haven't tried sleeping on my stomach.


  1. Be sure to take a before picture of your hair! Do you think you hurt yourself? Or just maybe your body saying "WTF is this thing in me?" I can't wait to see your new hair. I think I'm going to go see someone I know in Midtown and get my hair trimmed & layered.

  2. I love news from the batcave!


  3. Is this still bothering you as much. I find that I still can't really sleep on my left side as much...that was where my good friend jp took nest...I keep thinking maybe I'm just not as healed inside as I look outside. I still have the most horrible bruise. You may want to write a list of questions down. Oh, while I'm thinking about it...someone mentioned to me about there being a gastric medical card that you can carry and submit to places and they must allow you to order smaller portions or from the kids menus...this may be an option for you too. Don't forget to ask! ...and are you going to get an id bracelet of some kind in case of an accident?

  4. I don't like being on my RIGHT side. I'm much more comfortable on my LEFT. I think it has to do with the actual band and how it's attached, but I'm just guessing. I've read about the card and I planned on asking! I feel like I need to explain why I want a kids portion! I haven't decided about the bracelet, I know I need to get it.


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