Friday, February 4, 2011

Maybe not my smartest move!

Today was going pretty good. Not too much drama or PITA students. Nothing out of the ordinary. I was in one of the back rooms in the library, starting to get things together for my after school concession stand. The table collapses with all my 'inventory.' I sit in the floor to try and pick up all the ring pops. When I get done, I stand up. Let me interject here, I have often sat in the floor throughout my life. I am often more comfortable in the floor than in a chair. But today, when I started to get up out of the floor, something hurt. Something hurt bad! I felt a burning sensation to the left of where my main incision is. I don't know if messed anything up. I just know I'm tender and sore. I never thought about me doing more than I should be doing. I was just doing normal stuff. My friend Sara told me I didn't need to be lifting over 300 pounds. I replied that none of that stuff was heavy. She said she was talking about me lifting MY BUTT off of the floor. OHHHHH I hadn't thought about it that way. No more sitting on the floor for a long time!

On a happier note. I weighed today. It's been a month (tomorrow) since I started the pre-op diet. I have lost 18 pounds!!!!

Starting weight -  327
2/4/2011 - 309

I'm starting to be able to tell a difference in some of my pants. I'm still wearing soft comfy pants every day, they feel better on my stomach. But, I can tell they are starting to get looser! I'm excited but I know the best is yet to come.

I just hope I haven't messed anything up by trying to lift 309 pounds off of the floor today!



  1. Now didnt I just ask you about liftin' stuff?!! Lol. Be careful boo boo. Call me if you need anything. And *woot* Great job on the weight loss!! <3

  2. uhm never thought about lifting my self!!!


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