Saturday, February 26, 2011

S-a-t-u-r-d-a-y NIGHT!

Blaine wanted in on tonight's picture. He's so funny, most of the time!

In today's mail were two complimentary passes from the Malco. We jumped in the car and headed to Memphis. We missed the 2:10 showing of The Eagle, due to traffic. We headed to Marshall's after a McDonald's drive by. I sat out in the car read my Kindle and cleaned out the car. I also ate a McDouble and drank some water. We went to my cousin Sharon's house and hung out on her patio for a while. Loved soaking up some sun and just relaxing! I hate to admit it but I had another McDouble before we went to the 4:20 showing of the movie. I'm doing my best to stay honest!

The movie was for Blaine! After watching it I now know why somebody might throw up all their popcorn during the movie! They were eating raw intestines in one scene! I was totally grossed out!!!! After the movie we went and met some friends at the Happy Mexican. I ate chips with salsa and some white cheese dip. Blaine and I shared chicken/steak fajitas. I had one tortilla, a tablespoon of beans, pico de gallo, chicken/steak, and a little lettuce.

I ready for this fill! I don't like the fact that I am eating more than I expected. I hope that a lot of my frustration will be relieved at my appointment and my questions answered. I was doing really good and now I just feel at a stand still. Somebody sent me a message and asked how much weight I'd lost and if I would recommend lap band surgery. I answered about 25 pounds and that I wouldn't feel comfortable recommending it at this point. Right now that's how I feel. I am not regretting having the surgery, but I'm am really discouraged right now. I really need to find a support group in Memphis or go to the one in Jonesboro.


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