Friday, February 18, 2011

WBC was home to me!

I read Kelly's Korner every day. She has been doing a "Show us your life" series and this is my first time to participate. Today's theme is about your alma mater. I am very proud of the fact that I attended Williams Baptist College.  I received an excellent education, but more importantly I made some great friends and memories!

We occasionally played a cup game in the cafeteria when we got bored. Today I introduced it to some of the girls at school I think they had fun, I know I did! The video is of us playing the cup game today! I received a BSE in Elementary Education with a minor in History. I lived on campus for four years. Thanks to Facebook and texting, I still keep in touch with many of the people I met there. If you're looking to be a big fish in a tiny pond, this could be the college for which you've been searching!

Williams is located in Walnut Ridge, Arkansas. If you are looking for a small college with Christian values, this is the place for you or your children! I have never regretted one moment I spent there!

 Here's a Lap-Band update. I get hungry every two hours. I'm trying to make good choices. Protein and veggies, but sometimes it's pickles, baked hot fries, or jello w/fruit. I'm still not eating nearly as much but the weight loss has slowed down, which is discouraging. I have my first "fill" scheduled March, 2. From what I've read the fill should help do away with the munchies and kick start the weight loss again. I sure hope so! I'm tired of feeling hungry all the time!

Today the house alarm went off again!!! I tried to rip it off of the wall! Finally the company called me back and told me how to make it shut up! They are supposed to make a house call sometime soon!

I'm looking forward to our three-day weekend!!!


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