Wednesday, March 16, 2011

50 More Days Until Summer Vacation!

50 more days to get up and go to work until summer vacation! 10 more weeks!!! Lots will happen in the those weeks. I'll keep you updated as they happen!

I wish I didn't have to wait so long between fills. I'm getting munchy all the time again. I'm not losing weight. I know I need to exercise more and I'm working on that! I know that the band still has quite a bit more room left for 'tightening'. I see my friend who had gastric bypass 4 days after me and she's lost 52 pounds! I'm so excited for her, but I'm also a little jealous. It's a slow process for me and I have to work on my patience. Patience has never been a strong personality trait for me! Another friend is just dieting and she's lost more weight than me. I'm proud of her, but still a little jealous. April 6 is my next appointment!

Today I had:
scrambled eggs
pasta salad
Fuji apple
pork rinds
No idea what's for supper yet. According to I have about 900 calories left for the day. I will try and use them wisely!

Tomorrow is parent teacher conferences. AKA Teacher Torture. It always seems to happen around time change. It's miserable. We are so tired and then have to get up and go to school the next day. We are like zombies. I usually help pass out report cards, rarely anybody comes to see the librarian. That's okay! It's such a pretty day outside, Blaine and I are going to go do something in the sunshine!


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