Monday, March 21, 2011


This is what happy looks like! I have to tell you that last night was pretty miserable. The bed in this room is HARD. We are used to our fluffy feather topped bed. Neither one of us slept well and were both super stiff this morning. We decided to make a trip to Bed Bath & Beyond and bought a feather topper for this bed. We can use it on our bed at home. We needed another topper for the mattress in the second guest room. 

We had lunch at the Back Porch. Super nice waitress. She let me order from the 12 and under menu!! I had grilled Mahi Mahi and a house salad. It came with french fries but I didn't eat a single one! We ordered some crab and spinach dip that was super yummy! We brought home most of the dip. It'll be good later on our little patio! We went to the Panama City Visitor's Center and picked up some coupons and pamphlets.

We stopped at Wal-Mart. What's a trip anywhere without a visit to the local store? We got some stuff and headed to the check out. Let me interject here. Sugar will catch more flies than vinegar. I have seen some of the sourest little college girls down here. Demanding, acting rude, and being a pain in the patooty. Just because you have a cute little body, it does not make up for the very ugly personality and attitude. If you weren't taught manners, Emily Post has a book, READ IT. Please and thank you still go a long way in my book. Also, be nice to older people. Even if you don't know them, give them some respect, whether you think they deserve it or not.

Can you tell I had a blast in Wal-Mart? I'm climbing off of my soapbox. Time for a nap on the new feather topper. Ahhhhh!



  1. Robin, When I got to Chattanooga, I realized I had not packed any socks or shoes. Only flip-flops. We were going inside a cavern, so I had to have shoes. 9pm on Sunday night we headed to Wal-Mart. Hope your vaca is awesome!

  2. Can't wait to hear about your trip to Rock City!!!


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