Saturday, March 26, 2011

Eat Your Vegetables!

Today was a productive day! We did lots of house cleaning. My cousin, her husband, and a couple they know are coming to stay with us tomorrow night. The house isn't in that bad of shape, but there is enough dust to make a man! I need to do some straightening and just tidying up and we'll be all ready!

We slept late this morning, still loving the fact that we are back in our bed, it's heaven! We worked on the house, still trying to get caught up with all the vacation laundry. Took a nap and then headed to Walmart. I bought cucumbers, salad mix, tomatoes, onions, red wine vinegar, and extra virgin olive oil. I was craving vegetables.

Growing up, my mom would make what she called cucumber salad. It was usually made with stuff she grown in the garden. She would dice cucumbers, tomatoes, and onions and then mix in some vinegar and oil. Let it sit for a few hours and then we'd eat ourselves silly. It was so good! Now that I make it for myself, since Blaine doesn't like it, I use red wine vinegar, EVOO, and a little Mrs. Dash. I can seriously make myself sick on this stuff. I filled a bowl with lettuce and topped it with tuna and then covered it with cucumber salad. My lips were smacking!

I really enjoy most vegetables. There are a few I don't like: bell peppers of any color, lima beans, and brussel sprouts. I've tried them all! Bell peppers make me sick, lima beans have a weird texture, and brussel sprouts have a really strong, overwhelming taste. Otherwise, I love vegetables.

I'm contemplating growing some tomatoes this summer. I love the idea of picking them off of the back porch. We might even work up to a real garden! Who knows, I may wind up being Betty Crocker after all... NAW!!!

Today I had chicken and turkey sausage alfredo with broccoli. Cucumber salad, on lettuce with tuna, and a couple of pieces of french bread hot from the oven!

I'm doing well on calories and plenty of exercise today from cleaning and running around! I go for my next fill a week from Wednesday! I'm ready and a little more prepared this time!


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