Sunday, March 6, 2011

George and the Fish

Blaine's mom and dad gave me some Tilapia fillets the other night. I had told them I'd bought a George Foreman Grill and was planning on buying some fish to cook on it. Tonight I cooked them. It wasn't bad! I'm going to have to work on how long to cook. Mine was a little tough, but that was due to over-cooking. We are also going to try hamburgers, chicken fillets, and maybe a steak. I'm trying to cook healthier. I'm slowly but surely weaning Blaine off of the fried foods, but it's going to take time.

Any suggestions on what to cook on George? Have you ever cooked squash or zucchini on one?

I also cooked some green beans and Au Gratin potatoes. We always have sides. I try to always cook either green beans or broccoli. Green is good! Orange is too, Carrots are often on our menu. I'm so glad that Blaine enjoys vegetables. Although our "meat free" week turned into a "meat free" day, we still eat lots of vegetables.

During this experience, I'm not the only person that has to readjust my way of thinking. Blaine also has to do some adjusting. He's getting better and I'm so proud of him. He was hugging me the other day and told me he could get his arms further around me! That made my day! So many little things are happening that just thrill me.

The comments that are left on here and facebook encourage me more than I can explain. Just like sports teams, I need cheerleaders! You are my encouragers and supporters and I am grateful!

Thank you!


  1. I only ever cooked meats and sandwiches on our George...hopefully some others will have an idea. Larry has had to adjust better as well. He wanted me to pick up some breakfast items for him at work and I caught myself saying that I was going to get him a certain granola bar since it had more protein. It's amazing how much health oriented we are now.

  2. I love hearing about your progress & Blaine's, too. Keep up the good work. I like to cook stuffed chicken breasts that come two to a box. Don't know about cooking them on the George.


  3. Robin,
    I like cooking on it because it is quick....I cook lots of chicken, burgers, and pork chops and even hot dogs on mine. but recently, I have started putting sweet potatoes, onions, peppers and just plain potatoes on with my meat and it is sooo good. You could even do them my themselves. I like to use cavendars seasoning on my veggies and many different ways to use it and so much healthier!


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