Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Happy Tuesday!

 Today was a fun day. We went to a Restaurant called Po Folks. I ate lots of vegetables! Black-eyed peas, sliced tomatoes, and turnip greens. Macaroni and Cheese was my meat substitute. Everything was good!

When we got back we went to the bar area by the pool. I bought a small pina coloda (no alcohol) and a water. I feel guilty about taking up table space at a business if I don't buy something! We stayed under the umbrella for hours! I read two books on my Kindle and drained the battery dry! We shared a turkey club. The french fries looked so good, I must confess I ate a few. I'm not so good at this Lent thing :(. We went down to Pier Park and got some ice cream. I didn't even eat half of my scoop! We walked around and did some people watching.

We went to Hungry Howie's and ordered a pizza and a small chef salad. We took it back to the room and ate it on the balcony. Not too bad. We did a little hot tub time and now we're in for the night. The club down the beach from us is hosting the Ying Yang Twins tonight. I can hear the music!

A group of rude, disrespectful, inconsiderate people are now occupying the condo next to us. I fear that a call to security is in my near future! Plenty of door slamming, pounding music, and hollering going on. Now that it's after 10pm the gloves are off and I'm going to be grouchy old lady that needs her sleep!

Tomorrow is our last day here and then it's back to Arkansas. I'm sure Fluffy is getting pretty hungry. The only thing that keeps him from gnawing on a leg is the sight of house cleaning!


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