Friday, March 11, 2011

Have a Nice Day!

Today was a very nice day. Work went well. The kids weren't awful, which is always good! Physically, I felt the best today that I have in months! It was a big boost mentally. But when I got home, I was hungry and drank some Pom Cherry juice. I think it was a too much and it made me feel bad FAST! It was so depressing. We went to Colton's. I ate a roll, two bones of Blaine's ribs (which caused the stuck feeling again!), half of my blackened tilapia, and some fried okra.

I wasn't raised participating in Lent. But this year I decided to give up potatoes for Lent. It just felt like the right thing to do. I have been eating too many potatoes. I realized that I was entering them into my food diary at least once a day. If these 40 days go well, I may give them up permanently. Carbs are my favorite food. I know that giving them up will be better for me and for losing weight. But giving up something that has provided so much comfort, that's tough! I want to concentrate on eating healthier. It's going to take time and determination.

After dinner we went driving around. I texted Jami that we were doing a drive-by of her house. She told us don't shoot it up or just stop and play pool. We stopped and played, but not pool! We played with her sweet puppy, Cooper Lee. He loved playing tug of war with Blaine and me! I felt like I was getting an ab workout! It was nice to just have some stress free fun! Thanks Jami and Cooper Lee!


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