Thursday, March 24, 2011

Home Sweet Home!!!

Finally after TWELVE hours and FIVE states. I am HOME!!! So excited! Fluffy was glad we finally got home!

We checked out at 8:00 am this morning. We decided to follow Garmin's suggestion and go through Alabama. First time I have been anywhere other than Mobile and Dauphin Island. Alabama is a very pretty state, but is filled with many hills! Up and down, up and down, dang I don't think there was any land that was flat. We ate breakfast at Waffle House, scrambled egg, hash browns, sausage patty and toast. Lunch was at Panera Bread, half of a half ham & Swiss on rye and half a classic salad. Dinner was at Westside BBQ in New Albany, MS. I love this place. They have the best cakes. I have ordered a Pineapple Cake from them for the past two Thanksgivings. A-MAY-ZING! Today I got a regular BBQ plate (did not eat the bread) and a piece of chocolate pie. I have been dreaming about this pie for two years. Last time we went down there, they were sold out of the pie! It is in the fridge right now. I'm saving it for breakfast tomorrow. We stopped by Blaine's parents to get our mail and to let them know we'd made it home safe.

It is soooo nice to be back in my recliner and watching Dancing with the Stars! I love that show!

I'll have to get on the scales tomorrow and see what the damage is. I'm really dreading that moment. I'm going to do better now that I'm home and not eating out every meal. It helps that we won't be eating out every meal! I kept track on and was honest. So I know it isn't pretty. I'll let you know tomorrow night!

I'm looking forward to sleeping in our bed tonight! Tomorrow night we are meeting our friends Charlotte and Larry for dinner at Ghengis Grill! A new place, hope we love it!


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