Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I am NOT Julia Child!

Tonight I tried a new recipe in the kitchen, blechh! I bought some Philadelphia Cream for Cooking Garlic Flavor. I grilled some chicken tenderloins on George and cut them into bite size pieces. Mixed that together with the cream, mushrooms, and broccoli florets. Put that all on top of a loaf of bread dough. Cooked it for 30 minutes at 350 degrees. I have to tell you it was BEAUTIFUL! I almost took a picture and texted it to my sister. It tasted awful! I was so disappointed. Good thing I'd made a chicken pot pie pocket for Blaine. I rarely screw up chicken pot pie!

Chicken Pot Pie Pocket
1 can Homestyle Veg-all
1 can Cream of Mushroom Soup
1 large can chunk chicken
2 "roll out" pie crusts

Preheat oven to 350. Defrost pie crust for 10-20 seconds in Microwave. Roll out pie crusts. Mix cans together (enough for two crusts) Fill and fold over and pinch edges. Bake for 20-30 minutes. Mmm! Blaine loves it.

We had a Sausage Egg Cheese McMuffin for breakfast, never again. It got "stuck" but I didn't throw up. I guess I'm eating too fast or not chewing enough, but I think I am. More thinking, more chewing, being more careful! Lunch was a baked potato with Fat free Italian dressing, 1/2 of a child size cheese quesadilla, and some refried beans (1/2 cup). Dinner was a couple bites of the nasty kitchen experiment and some pot pie. I'm done for the night!

Oh yeah, I can feel the band through my skin, it feels kind of like a rock underneath. If you ask, I'll let you feel :-D It's weird!

7 more days until Spring Break and 55 more days until Summer Vacation!

Anybody want to go to Hawaii the first week of November? I was on American Express Travel today and found two roundtrip ticket and hotel from Oct. 29 - Nov 4, leaving from Memphis for $1,836.74!! That price is for TWO people, that's not bad! Especially, considering how crazy prices for flights are right now! You can actually get a cheaper rate at a different hotel, or go pricier with other choices.

Any takers?



  1. If you like salmon, it is good cooked on george for about 5 min. If you want a good sauce for fish take lowfat sour cream and salsa verde (green salsa) and put 4 Tbs of sour cream and 3 Tbs salsa in a pot and stir to mix. Just have to get it hot and pour over cooked fish. I like it best with salmon and tuna but it is good with other types of fish too. You are an inspiration (and entertaining) and I appreciate you sharing this with us!

  2. I like chicken pot pie but I dont think Larry eats it. :( Will that feeling go away? The rock?


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