Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I'm Going HOME!

I am so ready to be back in my house! I want my bed. I want my recliner, tv, and dvr. I want my stuff, and I want the silence that comes with my home. I am officially an old, grouchy lady. I've had it with selfish, over-indulged children. They have no respect for their surroundings and the others inhabiting them. When we check out in the morning I'm going to let management know how unhappy I am. They should have a floor for the old fogies and keep us away from the young whipper snappers. I just have a feeling I'll be calling security tonight. I was informed this building observes quiet hours from 10-8. ha!

Other than that little tirade today wasn't too bad. I had leftover pizza for breakfast. We met my friend Debbie and her son Tim at Pineapple Willie's for lunch. We had a nice visit. I had the side salad and one of Blaine's ribs. We went to see Limitless with Bradley Cooper. Blaine loved it. I thought it was okay but seemed like it was never going to end! We then went down to the bar. I got a no alcohol Pina Colada and we shared a hamburger. We sat down there for hours. I went up to the room to try and take a nap, but the lovely children next to us kept slamming the door. I swear it makes the entire room vibrate and I jump six inches every time it happens! Finally, we just left the room. We went back to Po Folks in Panama City. I had a side salad, black eyed peas, turnip greens, and a chicken leg. We shared a strawberry shortcake, but I only took about 3 bites.

I have seriously blown my calorie count this week. But pre-banding it would have been MUCH MUCH worse. I just know that when I get home I'm really going to have to get on the ball about making better choices. Right now I am really enjoying fish and vegetables. Chicken and pork are not sitting so well. I don't chew them as well as I should and I hate the 'stuck' feeling they cause.

I know that Fluffy will be glad to see us. I post a picture of her soon!

I have a feeling that by the time we get home tomorrow night I'm going to be exhausted!

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