Sunday, March 13, 2011

Let's get Animal!

We sprung forward with great success! We got this cool alarm clock for Christmas from Alan and Sharon and it sprung forward all by itself! That's my kind of clock! Now if they just made a bed that would make itself I'd be set!

We started off our day at the zoo! I did much better this time! I was able to do almost all of our regular loop! We did skip most of Primate Canyon. We went to Picadilly for lunch. I had 2 chicken strips, garlic toast, and turnip greens. Mmmm Mmmm! Target was next and I had about $10 in coupons there! I love coupons! A trip to Marshall's and TJMaxx for Blaine, I stayed in the car and read my Kindle. We stopped by Firehouse Subs. I had a Groupon and we used it and a quarter and got two sandwiches, a bag of chips and a drink! I got a text from my friend Char (hey Char! *waving*) and we met her and her husband and their friend Todd at the Cinema. Battle for LA, let's just say it isn't my kind of movie. Stopped for a visit with the in-laws and now I'm in for the night!
I've had to add another band on top of my rings. This is to keep my engagement ring from falling off. I had discussed taking it off and putting it away for a while, but this works too!

I feel like I did pretty good with all the walking today. I've learned that I need to walk before eating to avoid getting sick. I'm going to do better about the exercise. I'm worse about exercising than I am eating right!

Today's food:
lean cuisine spaghetti and meatballs
2 chicken strips
turnip greens
garlic bread
fuji apple
small bag cheetos
hook and ladder sub
pickle spear
carrot souffle
light lemonade

Dang, that looks like a lot! I'm trying to stop getting on the scales every time I walk by them. I'm going to start weighing on Mondays and try to stick to that! Last time I weighed I was at 298 lbs. That's 29 gone! I've also put a box in my closet. When I put on something and it's too big, it's going in the box! Makes me fill good to see it filling up!



  1. I think you are doing great! If Bill Page and I decide to do a zoo trip during Spring break, I'll call you.


  2. *waving back* Girl... you have lost so much weight... your face is so skinny!!!


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