Thursday, March 17, 2011

Not Better, Not Worse

Mentally today was better. Calorie-wise it was worse. We had parent teacher conferences and we had Chinese food delivered. I still did better than I would have pre-band. No exercising today. I was just worn out when we got home.

What I ate today:
Lean Cuisine Spaghetti
Lean Cuisine Chicken Carbonara
Fuji Apple
Cheetos - 160 calorie bag
(not too bad at this point)
1 stick Teriyaki Chicken
1/3 Hot & Sour Soup - small order
4 shrimp with the breading pulled off
6 cheese wontons
3 small pieces of sweet & sour chicken
(the chinese food was eaten over a period of 2 1/2 hours)

I sit here thinking how the heck did I get all that food in my stomach!

On a positive note, I am still doing great on giving potatoes up! I have been eating more salad with great success and no sickness.

I find myself wondering if my band slipped down some and that's why I'm able to eat more. I wonder if this is normal at the beginning.  I just don't know. This is why I need to find a local support group to attend. Sometimes what I don't know is what keeps me up at night.

Thanks again for all the positive words of encouragement. If you want to leave a comment (without joining anything) just choose anonymous,  type your comment, please include your name, and type in the captcha so the computer knows you are a real person. I read each and every comment!

I plan to do lots of walking on the beach next week! and for you would be burglars, I have a pit bull that will be very hungry and in-laws that will be checking the house several times a day! But if you'd like to break in and clean my house, give me a call!



  1. Robin, your weight loss shows in your photo. You are doing so well. I am really proud of you. Thanks for the lovely offer about cleaning your house, but I'll have to pass! Hope you have a perfect spring break!

  2. The Lord brought you to my mind last night when I got up to feed by 2 month old son, Nehemiah! I prayed for you and was wondering how you were doing. Hope things are going well.

    Love You,


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