Thursday, March 31, 2011

Peace, Love, and Books

It was finally a better day. Thank goodness. We are both still worn out. Planning on going to sleep early tonight!

Honestly, there is nothing more exciting than finding a book for a kid that they love! I had a student borrow one of my personal books and he loved it! He'd been asking me for book two and I couldn't find it. I finally found it when we did house cleaning over spring break. He was in the library and he had the biggest grin when I told him I remembered to bring it. That's why I love my job!

Today I had a Healthy Choice meal for breakfast, pork rinds (definitely not a food to eat fast!) and a piece of pizza for lunch, a 3" inch sub, apples, bbq lays, and a salad from subway for dinner.

This weekend is supposed to be beautiful! Trying to figure out what we'd like to do. Blaine suggested the zoo. I think that the zoo is going to be nuts! Any suggestions for somewhere to go on a pretty, sunny day?


  1. Jeannie MockewichMarch 31, 2011 at 4:56 PM

    I like to go to our local State Park and walk around. There are some nice trails and the lakes to look at. The trees and flowers are all so pretty right now.

  2. Shelby Forest. Or Herb Parsons Lake. I dont suggest Shelby Farms. It'll be packed.

  3. We are spending it at the baseball park!


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