Saturday, March 5, 2011

Retail Therapy and Hello 200s!!!

My day started off at 6:15am! Blaine woke me up. He was hungry, I told him to eat my leftover "breakfast" from dinner last night at Huddle House. Most of it was still there! I also weighed on the "crazy" scales this morning FOUR TIMES!! I almost screamed the first time it said 292.4, but then I weighed again and it said 299.4, and the third time it said 299.4! So, I went and got Blaine and made him watch and it said 299.4 AGAIN!!! I'm so excited I don't think I've been in the 200's since 2008 before I broke my ankle! I also was able to wear a pair of jeans that I haven't worn in FOREVER! It felt so nice!!

We got ready and went to Memphis. Lunch was at Chili's. I had potato soup and a chicken crisper will all of the breading pulled off. We then began our retail therapy. Store #1 a t-shirt for my sister, a pair of sneakers for Blaine, and some cologne. Store #2, a new pair of sneakers for me. Store #3, a bar of lemon soap, a dress for me, and a shirt for Blaine. Store #5, a set of bed sheets and a collared shirt for Blaine. Store #6, two cutie pie dresses for my great-nieces and a handsome outfit for my great-nephew. Store #7, GROCERIES! I am tired! Can you tell we got paid?

We also watched The Adjustment Bureau. It wasn't awful. A little sci/fi, a lot romance, and I screamed a few times! Something for everybody!

I am doing much better with my band today. I know I have to stop eating almost as soon as I start. Very small bites and take lots of time! Still eating squishy stuff. We had dinner at Picadilly. I had the stuff fish (just a bite), mashed potatoes (1/3), garlic bread (1/2 pulled off all the crust and part of the bread) and carrot souffle. I had never had carrot souffle. OMG it is AMAZING. It's my new favorite food that I shouldn't eat, tons of sugar and butter! I ate about 1/3 to 1/2 of it.

This weight loss still doesn't feel quite real. I don't feel hungry constantly and that seems to have always been a part of every weight-loss program I've done before.

My rings are definitely looser. I'm going to have to take my engagement ring off soon and put it up. I decided I would wait several months before I have it sized. I don't want to have to do it every 2-3 months. So I'm going to put it up. My wedding band is still the same size from when I weighed 260. So it ought to be good for a while!

Still no regrets over having this surgery.


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