Monday, March 28, 2011

Robin & Blaine's B&B

I was tired all day long. I'm sleepy and I want a nap. Instead, I went for a walk around the block with Blaine. He asked me if I felt invigorated. I laughed between pants and said NO.

We had scrambled eggs, biscuits & gravy, and ham for breakfast. Macaroni & Cheese from the cafeteria!!! OMG I love their Mac & Cheese!!! Black eyed peas, green beans, fried okra and part of a chicken breast. I have decided it is time to give up chicken. I am consistently getting "stuck" when I eat it. I am NOT over eating. It happens mostly on my third bite. I know I am not chewing it enough. It's an awful feeling! I had a cafeteria sized carton of orange sherbet and an afternoon snack of Sun Chips. Tonight we are having spaghetti sauce (homemade by Miss E), noodles, and garlic bread!

Now on to the tour of Robin & Blaine's B&B.
This is our dining room. Nobody actually ate in here. But I did 'fix' the table!
Here's our foyer. I have clocks set to the time zones of places I've traveled. The Eiffel Tower is set to Paris time, the Elvis clock is set to Las Vegas time, the world clock is set to our home time, and the surf board clock (that is hidden behind the globe) is set to Hawaii time. Eventually I'd like to add a DC or Orlando clock, a Hollywood clock, and after we've traveled there an Alaska and Italy clock! All our photo albums are stored in the cabinet under the clocks.

Here's our guest bathroom. I put out the hotel shampoos I'd snagged in Hawaii and the beautiful towels my Aunt Olivia and cousin Sharon gave us for Christmas.
Here's our second guest room. I don't know why I didn't take a picture of the other bedroom. This room is special to me. The bed was my Great-Grandmother's. I'm lucky to have it and the matching wash stand. There's also a quilt ladder that my dad made. It holds quilts that another great-grandmother made, one by my mother, and other by the Golden Circle quilting group from West Side First Baptist Church in the 1980's. We have quilts all over our house. We use them every day! Off to the side is the high chair that was mine as a baby. It holds my giant bunny doll that my mom made, and my collection of sock monkeys. There's a camel back trunk at the foot of the bed that holds all sorts of 'old' stuff.

I enjoyed having company. They were a hoot. Right now the house is so clean, it's weird! Feels like I'm in somebody else's house. By the weekend it should feel right again!

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  1. you had company (too)?
    And I had SOOO much fun Fri night. Thx for coming with!! <3


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