Friday, April 15, 2011

All Dressed Up

Today is a big day. I have a job interview this morning. I am the calmest I have ever been before an interview. I am truly okay staying where I am. I do believe that I have a great deal to offer and would be okay changing schools. I will be okay either way. I have faith that I will be where God needs me.

I started with the breakfast of champions today, LASAGNA! Milo's No Calorie Sweet Tea is my drink of choice.

Today is the last day of testing! Woo Hoo! After school is out, we are heading to see my family. We haven't seen them since December. I miss them! We are also going to have dinner at Janssen's! I love their food! I'm super stoked, I hope they have fish :-D Any kind will do!


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  1. job interview??? see what happens when I get behind on your blog! :( (lol)


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