Friday, April 29, 2011

All Southern Women Grow Tomatoes

As promised, here are my tomato pictures!!

 New plant from Wal-Mart. It already had tomatoes!!!
 I put my finger in there, for a size reference.
Aren't they beautiful?

I also took some pictures of our house. These are before my awesome Father-in-law came over!
 Patch of shingles missing from the roof.
 Disconnected gutter
More messed up gutter.
He also told us we have some loose siding, but that it should be easy to re-attach. 

I was eating some leftover Chinese this morning. My friend, Sara, looks at me and goes "you're stuck, aren't you?" I said yes. She told me I had a "look" on my face. I think Blaine is also starting to recognize this look. It isn't happening as often, but it still happens. Mostly when I try to eat too fast. I'm gradually getting better about how I eat. It's a learning process!



  1. Not all of us. I can't hardly grow weeds in the yard let alone any type of edibles. lol. ALTHOUGH I am growing some onions. I have no idea when to pull them out of the ground etc so I hope I do this right. If so then I might try to grow something else next year. We can start swapping veggies!!!
    I would think rice would get stuck. Was it rice? You'll get the hang of it girlie.... you are doing so good!!!

  2. Your tomatoes are beautiful. Next thing we know you'll have a brag book full of veggie pics. I am not growing anything this year except flowers. However, every time Sam mows the yard it smells just like Italian salad dressing. :) That onion smell always has me jonesing for a fresh salad.
    Keep up the good work!



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