Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Chicken Tamales!

We finally got out of the house today! We drove around and checked things out. First we stopped at Baskin-Robbins and got a scoop for $.31!!! I didn't eat it all, but that orange sherbet was yummy! West Memphis still has lots of folks with no power. Still not sure if we'll be having school tomorrow.

Best Buy called and Blaine's computer has been healed!!! We had dinner at Chili's to celebrate. I had some Texas Cheese Fries, Shrimp, and half of a southwestern egg roll. We got home and I re-installed the router software on Blaine's computer and he was good to go! My friends, Jami and Christian, came over and brought me chicken tamales! Hand made by Christian's mama, they are so good! If you live in the area, I can hook you up, they are awesome!

For breakfast I had a pastrami sandwich with Miracle Whip light. Lunch was chicken alfredo pasta. I did eat a snicker egg (1 oz) and some croutons for snack. No getting stuck today!

I'm going to try and take pictures of our house tomorrow. We are so blessed we didn't have more damage. After seeing all the damaged fences, Blaine has now decided we don't need a fence! LOL! I hope the storms are done for a while. Now Memphis is preparing for the 3rd largest crest of the Mississippi River, ever! We saw the river today, it's HUGE. I've never seen it this high! They are expecting it to crest in the next 10 days, I think. We may need to invest in a boat!

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