Saturday, April 9, 2011

Fiona my Apple

For many years now, I've named inanimate objects. I had a big ol' tube tv named Bertha, a T-Bird named Chameleon(pronounced Shamalon), my Hyundai is named Sunny, and my MacBook is named Fiona.

This month Fiona turns 3! Her warranty also expires. Her power cord is a little bit frayed and some exposed wires showing. We are going to the Apple Store today to see about having her power cord replaced. I LOVE my Mac! It took some getting used to, I had several friends who talked me through the switchover from PC. I have never regretted getting a Mac! I still use a PC at work, but they finally game me a MacBook Pro!

Today I've had Pintos n' Cheese, 2 fish sticks, and some Clam Chowder with 10 saltines. I don't know what we're doing for dinner, but I won't be eating a lot. This latest fill is definitely more profound. I hope that it stays like this! I can see me losing a lot of weight at this tightness.

We are thinking about going to the movies. There are several I'd like to see: The Lincoln Lawyer, Hanna, The Source Code. Any suggestions?

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  1. Lincoln Lawyer is good. Saw it in Chattanooga with Bill Speed. I read the book first and it was very good too. I was not at all disappointed in the movie. Haven't see any others lately.



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