Sunday, April 3, 2011

Gardeners do it with Hoes!

I couldn't resist, it was too funny! I didn't use a hoe, just my hands. Maybe I need a spade, but not a hoe. I got dirt under my newly grown fingernails! I had to use an old toothbrush to get it out, yucko. We went to Home Depot today. I bought some big pots (that have drainage holes!), Miracle Grow garden soil, a jalapeno plant, a cucumber plant, some red onions, and a tomato stake thingy.

We went and had lunch at Joe's Crab Shack. I had a side salad, balls of fire, and a few chips with seafood dip! Made a quick stop by Garden Ridge and picked up one more pot and headed home. I put the soil in two of the bucket, planted the tomato plants and onions. We put them in the window in the dining room. There's supposed to be severe weather tomorrow! I have the cucumber and jalapeno plant soaking in water, according to the directions. I need to buy some more soil for the other pots so I can finish my planting. I have some cayenne pepper and cilantro seeds, too. I'm kinda excited. Blaine says this is very out of character for me. I hate getting my hands dirty, gloves are next on my list.

For dinner I'm going to eat my leftovers from Genghis Grill and a plate of tomatoes with mustard!

Stay safe tomorrow!



  1. I am really enjoying your posts! I am strongly considering lap band surgery (I am scheduled for a seminar in another 2 weeks) and it's great to see the things that you've experienced; it gives me a bit of an idea of what to expect! Plus, I enjoy your posts b/c you seem like a very interesting and nice person! So, thanks for posting!
    P.S. I can REALLY tell that you are losing by your before and after pics!

  2. Tammy do I know you? It doesn't matter. Any questions you want to ask me about lap band, feel free to ask! Thank you for reading, you're the reason I do these posts. I wanted to be upfront and real about how gastric banding is changing my life.


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