Tuesday, April 5, 2011

He Thinks My Lawnmower's Sexy!

I know, I know! I should have gotten Blaine to take a picture! But I didn't think to grab the camera. We walked to his parents house and I drove the lawn mower home! It was a blast! I even managed to squeal the tires. It wasn't exactly on purpose, but I loved that it happened. I have tried and tried to convince Blaine to let me paint flames on our pretty red 'tractor', but no luck.

In the almost five years that we have been married, I have not done yard work. We have an agreement. I take care of the kitchen, he takes care of the outside, and the rest is up for grabs. So far it has worked pretty well. But now that we have a 'tractor', I have volunteered to mow the back yard. He still has to weed eat and do the up close work! I'm afraid if I get too close to the house, I'll run into it!

I wish the tractor had a horn, it would have been even more fun!

Today I ate half of a Krystal's scrambler and a piece of bacon for breakfast. I had spaghetti and meat sauce, some chicken noodle soup juice, and a piece of fish for lunch. I was weak and had Hot Cheetos for snack. For dinner we are going to go to the dog track. We heard that on Tuesday nights they have all you can eat T-Bones for $11.99. We are going to go and see.



  1. Totally wish I could have seen you squealing the tires on the lawn mower! Have fun with the yard work - that's why I live in a high rise ;)

  2. omgoodness....hahaha... you on the tractor sqwallin' tha tirez!
    How was the all you can eat TBone? I have NEVER been to the dog track. (yeah. ever.)

  3. Maybe next time I'll get him to video me! The food was good! I ate too much! Ya'll should come sometime, I love watching the dogs run!


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