Monday, April 18, 2011

Hey Grandpa! What's for Supper?

Blaine cooked dinner tonight. What that means is, we drove around town to various fast food places and got supper. Pinto's and Cheese and a Crunchy taco from Taco Bell, Chicken Wings fro D'bo's, sweet tea from McDonald's, and mashed potatoes with Gravy from KFC.  When we got home I heated up the green beans and new potatoes from last night and supper was served!

This morning I had scrambled eggs, white gravy, and ham. The scrambled eggs got stuck right off. I know I chewed, I know I hadn't over eaten. I don't want it to be, but my band is too tight. I have all the "signs." I'm going to call the doctor's office tomorrow.

For lunch I had green beans, squash, new potatoes, garlic bread, and a slice of ham. Lunch was uneventful! So far, supper has been uneventful! Maybe I'm on a roll.

This morning I got on my crazy scales and they said 289! Now we all know that will change, but it was still so nice to see the 280's! By having this surgery, I expected to lose weight. It's just nice for it to actually be happening. I haven't been the poster child for following directions. But when I don't, I pay the price. I'm learning to do what I'm told. I wish I'd done that 30 years ago! My dad probably wishes I'd done it 30 years ago!

I can't say that this surgery is for everybody. I wish I'd been a stronger person and able to do it on my own. But it also takes a strong person to admit they need help. If you know somebody who is contemplating this surgery or has already had it, be a cheerleader for them. Be a cheerleader for all your friends, no matter what their struggle.

I know I've said it before but, NOBODY WANTS TO BE OBESE! If they say otherwise, I say phooey! They may be comfortable in their own skin, but given the opportunity, they'd be a 'normal' size in a heartbeat. I know I would!

Sorry about my rant, sometimes I just get going.


and for you HeeHaw fans:


  1. Robin, I am cheering you on to victory! And, since you asked...for supper BP is having beef stroganoff and asparagus spears. I had some cheese with Triscuit Rosemary & olive oil crackers and a pickle. Yum Yum!


  2. Robin, you may not be too tight because I can NOT for the life of me do scrambled eggs and I am not too tight :) The eggs are the devil scrambled, but go down good over Hang in there, we all fall off the wagon from time to time. If we didnt, we wouldnt be human!!

    Nancy B.


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