Thursday, April 7, 2011

Houston, We have a Purple!

Sorry Mandy and Lisa A.! I know y'all hate feet pictures. But today I got a pedicure after school. I thought it would help distract me from feeling impending starvation! The color is "Houston, we have a purple!" I had never had a pedicure, until last summer. My friend Jami introduced me and I now have a somewhat regular relationship. I love having my toes painted and the rough stuff removed. It's really therapeutic.

Today I ate a noodle, chicken broth, a french fry, a baked bean, and cream of chicken soup and saltines. I know, I know! Not the clear liquids I'm supposed to be drinking, no excuses, I'm hungry and I was weak! I was careful and took lots of time between spoonfuls.

Maybe it's just me, but I think my face looks fatter when my hair is down. Part of the reason I wear it up is that it is so flat on the top of my head. I also hate my hair touching my face. I do enjoy a good headband made for a big headed person!

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  1. Love a pedi! I get one at Studio Bliss. I love the color called Mrs. Claus. It is super sparkly. It's my new fav. You are lookin' good, Robin. Keep up the good work!



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