Thursday, April 28, 2011

If Life Deals You Tomatoes...

If Life deals you tomatoes, make Bloody Marys! When we got home today, all sorts of good things were going on! My awesome Father-in-law fixed our roof! We got Buy a 3 piece, get a 2 piece free at Popeye's, and my tomato has tiny little tomatoes the size of marbles!!!! I took all these wonderful pictures, so I could post and show you. But, I left the camera cable at school. Not to be deterred, I went to Wal-Mart. I found the cable I needed, some other absolute necessities, like a King Size quilt on clearance for $18, nail hardener, a nail kit, nail decals, a couple of Hastas, and another tomato plant! You know, the necessities!

When I got home, I brought all my booty in. Put on my new gardening gloves, to avoid the dirty nails, and went to work. I pulled weeds, and planted my Hastas. I then took more pictures of my pride and joy. I came inside and proceeded to download my pictures. NOTHING, the cable I bought fits, but when I plug everything up and turn it on, NADA. You'll have to wait until tomorrow to see the pics!

Today was a landmark day at school. I bought cupcakes and ice cream sandwiches for the Accelerated Reader Lunch Club. I did NOT EAT a single one! I did eat two pieces of good chocolate with caramel, only 80 calories! For breakfast I had leftover sliders and boneless chicken from Chili's and for lunch TAMALES!!! I did have salad with my chicken from Popeye's. I also cooked some corn on the cob, but I haven't eaten it yet, no room!

Stay tuned tomorrow for tomato pics!


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