Tuesday, April 12, 2011

“Know something, sugar?"

Know something, sugar? Stories only happen to people who can tell them” 

I was looking for a funny quote with the word sugar. This was the best I could find. But it seems so true. It seems like the people that have exciting lives are great story tellers!

The reason I was trying to find a sugar quote was because of the day I had. The students that were in the library today were like angels compared to yesterday. They worked hard and weren't overly obnoxious! It was such a relief. I'm sure tomorrow will be another story! During the testing, different businesses donate snacks for the students. They brought around Rice Krispie Treats and juice boxes, I ate both!

My day started off with finding breakfast on my desk. Sweetie-pie Blaine had gotten me breakfast! It was a low-carb Scrambler from Krystal's. I had the treat and juice for snack. I ate leftovers from Margarita's for lunch. I felt like I couldn't satiate my hunger. I had some fat free Pringles AND a bag of Hot Cheetos. According to I have about 300 calories left for the day!

I don't know if it's because this is the first day I haven't felt 'stuck' since having my fill, if my hormones are out of whack, or what. I STILL FEEL HUNGRY! I need to go to the store and get some salad. That usually alleviates the feeling of hunger. 

Blaine is wanting to go see the Red Birds tonight. I know that if I go, I'm going to want some ball park food. You know none of that food is 300 calories or less!

I'm going to try and make good choices for the rest of the day!



  1. Hahaha!! And the kids wonder why I don't let them tell me stories! They always start out, "One time my mom, well she's really my aunt's third cousin or grandma or something like that, you know, right, anyway, my mom, she...." My eyes glaze over and I go into sleep mode. Kinda like being at a baseball game...


  2. Hey, we should plan on going to see a game together sometime, instead of you jus stalking us. You freaked Brad out pretty good last time.


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