Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Long Ride Home

It's a long way to Jonesboro. It's even longer on the way back! I arrived at Dr. Jones' office at about 2:15. My appointment was at 2:50. I was called back at 3:50. Lemme tell ya, fat girls don't do hungry very well! I get cranky and irritable!

First thing, I was weighed. Their scale said 300! I was 334 in November when I went for my consultation. The Nurse Practioner, Sherry, was super nice. She made it easy to tell her everything. I can't stress enough how important it is to be honest. Even if you've screwed up, like eating a chicken leg the day after your fill. They need all the information to properly treat you! After telling Nurse Sherry how I'd been doing I was prepped for my fill. They rubbed Betadine all over my stomach. She gave me a shot of Lidocaine and they did my fill. She told me that my band will hold up to 14 cc of fluid, and that I now have 8. I had thought it was 12 and that I now had 6. She straightened me out. I had thought that when they placed the band it was empty. Oh, no no! They placed 2 cc in it during my operation. During the fill, she stuck the needle in, sucked all the fluid out, then replaced it all plus 3 cc more, all in one stick.

I had to drink a cup of water after the fill. They want to make sure it isn't too tight. I was so hungry, my stomach was rumbling and they thought they'd gotten my band too tight. I had to stay a little extra until they were convinced I wouldn't need to have some removed.

I drove home, it took FOREVER. When I got home, I asked Blaine if he could go with me next time. He said he'd do it, I'm so thankful. I felt nauseous the whole way home. I'm such a baby.

When I got home, I walked in the house and all I could smell was rotisserie chicken. Blaine's on his way to get some Chicken Broth. That's about the only thing that sounds good right now. I have a feeling I'll be going to bed early!


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  1. Hey Robin, hang in there.Sounds like you are doing GREAT.It is hard to be honest, but at least they know how to help you when you tell them everything that is going on.

    Just to let you know, Thank You for calling me yesterday and talking to me.The Doctor's office called me today to tell me my insurance does cover it and that it is really good insurance.They also had a cancellation for tomorrow at 2pm and asked if I wanted it.I said sure I do.So I go in tomorrow at 2pm for my consultation.

    Remember to keep your head up, this journey is a slow process, but think of the reward in the end.

    Cherie Presley Carr


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