Friday, April 22, 2011

Muphree's Law

Murphree's Law - If it can go wrong, it will.

Today was one of THOSE days. Unhappy things just kept happening. Poor Blaine, not the best thing to have happen on his birthday. I won't go into the bad stuff. It was bad enough the first time! Nothing that horrible, just a bunch of little, irritating things.

I'm just going to share the happy highlights!

This morning I went outside and potted my new tomato plant. I now have three pots in my Potted Garden. (Happy now Christie?)

We went to Memphis and had lunch at Piccadilly. I had chicken strips, garlic toast, and carrot souffle. We went to Marshall's. I sat out in the car and read my Kindle. We went to another Marshall's, I read some more. We stopped by Gigi's cupcakes and shared a banana split cupcake and a bottle of water. A stop by TJMaxx, I read again. One more Marshall's and then we headed home. (I'm about half way through my book!) When we got back to our side of the river, we went to Margarita's Mexican Restaurant. I had salsa, chips, fish tacos, and refried beans.

After we got home, I made Blaine's birthday cake. FYI I have not eaten any of it! I made four little cakes. I'm going to take one to his mom and dad, his aunt, and anybody else I can think might want it!

I also stood out in the street for a while and visited with our neighbors across the street. They are so nice. That's what I love about my neighborhood. I have some really sweet people around me!

In lap-band news, I only got half-stuck today, if that's possible. Not as bad as before, but not good.


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