Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Night the Lights Went Out

What a night! We knew the storms were coming. We went and got Chinese food and brought it home after the faculty meeting at school. We even stayed downstairs. Then the sirens started. It got really loud and I started freaking out. I got in the bathtub. Blaine's looking out the windows. Then he gets in the tub, I know it's bad. He tells me he saw the storage building from the house across the street hit the neighbor's house! Our power is out!

It finally lets up. We go outside. A big patch of shingles is missing from our roof. Our trash can is MIA but the trash is all over the street. We pick up as much as we can. The neighbors, two doors down, have found their trampoline in another neighbor's yard, a mailbox is down, a flag pole down, the street is flooded, and more storms on the way. We have no way, other than texting, to keep up with what is heading our way.

I light three candles. They supplement our dying flashlight and book light. I put a DVD in the computer and we watched it until the laptop died. We finally go to bed. The power comes back on around 2:15. It goes back off. It comes back about 3:30. Blaine gets dressed and moves a car out of the garage. The alarm on the cell phone goes off. Blaine's already in the shower.  Time for work.

The phone rings, it's work. NO SCHOOL! I wonder what has happened all over town. Blaine goes to check on his parents. He finally comes home. They are okay and he found the trash can!

I'm watching the Today Show. They are in West Memphis! More storms expected. Enough! Hopefully, it'll just be more rain.

I got sick last night. I tried to eat egg roll and it was awful! No more egg rolls! Maybe it was the egg rolls, maybe it was my nerves.

Storms kinda freak me out. When I was 14 a big bad tornado hit the town where we lived. It was awful. My cousin was killed. I remember seeing the house where she and her daughter lived. It looked like it had been blown up. I always remember that day, March 15, the Ides of March. I know Becky does too. The bridge and lots of other houses were blown away. Devastation. That's the only word I can use to describe what I remember.

Stay safe. I'll do my best to stay safe too!


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  1. I remember seeing all the junk in the trees. I was pretty little... Wasn't that the storm that took the bridge out?


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