Thursday, April 14, 2011

On this Day in History

On this day in history:

Abraham Lincoln was shot
The Titanic hit the iceberg
Loretta Lynn was born
Webster's American Dictionary of the English Language is printed
Blaine proposed to me!!!
This is the picture we used for our Engagement Announcement, we were in Destin on the beach. When Blaine proposed it was Good Friday and we were in Greers Ferry visiting my family. We were in the pavilion down by Narrow's Marina, the moon was full, and it was perfect!
We got married less than two months later. My sister did an AWESOME job of planning a wedding on such short notice!
I was happy the day I got married, but I don't think I'll ever be happier than the day Blaine proposed!  For our honeymoon we went to Disney World!!!

We had so much fun! I'm planning on going back to see the Wizarding World of Harry Potter when I lose enough weight to fit in the roller coaster!

I have never regretted marrying Blaine. I look forward to what our lives together bring! I love him more each day.

Today I had biscuits and gravy for breakfast, salad and fettuccine Alfredo for lunch, fat free pringles and a rice krispie treat for snack, fettuccine Alfredo and a grilled ham and cheese for dinner.

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