Saturday, April 30, 2011

Random Acts of Kindness

We went to school and I got my Kindle! Whew! Then we went to Huddle House for breakfast. We got something called the High Rise. OMG! there was so much food! I won't tell you what Blaine ate, but I ate scrambled eggs with gravy, toast, hash browns all the way, and ham. There was so much leftover we brought home a FULL to-go box! 

When we got home, we discovered that neither one of us had put last nights to-go boxes in the fridge. All that wonderful salad just got tossed in the trash, I was seriously sad. Then it was time to mow the backyard, that always makes me happy! I felt so good, I mowed my neighbor's backyard too! Do you think they'll notice the ruts I left from doing donuts? I don't do front yards, I'm a little paranoid of sidewalks and trees.

Do you ever do something nice just for the heck of it? It felt really good!


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