Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday, Sunday

I hate not smiling in my Sunday photo!

Ahhhh that's better! I weighed this morning and I was 292, that's 35 pounds I've lost since January 6th. I'm hoping to lose 20 more pounds by June 15th. That's when I'm going to New Orleans with some of the girls from work! My next goal is to get to 265 by the time we go back to work in August. That's what I weighed when we got married :)

My goals so far:
Less than 300
275 by June 15 (leave for New Orleans)
265 by August 5 (back to work)
250 by October 5 (my birthday)
234 by November 24 (anniversary of consultation)
220 by January 20 (anniversary of surgery)
200 by March 16 (Spring Break)
170 by June 10(wedding anniversary)

These may be unreasonable goals. I reserve the right to modify them at any time. I am a woman after all and can change my mind at the drop of a hat!

I had scrambled eggs and sausage gravy for breakfast. Not sure what's for lunch, maybe more soup or fish.

I'm contemplating organizing my closet today, it's a MESS! I want to organize my clothes by size and get rid of stuff that is either too big or I don't like it any more and won't wear it whether it fits or not! I need somebody who's honest, but kind, to help me. Someone who'll say that does not look good on you and you need to put it in the box! I have never been a fashion forward kind of person. I have mainly concentrated on comfort. I'd like to find a happy medium. Stylish comfort is my goal! Maybe I'll take a before and after shot of my closet, maybe not, it's pretty awful.

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  1. So question... I hear there's a large amt of folks who have this done that have health issues. Around 50% of the folks have to have it removed after a couple of years and 60% get sick. What did the Dr say when you asked him about all this?

    If you need to give some clothes away keep me in mind. =)


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