Saturday, April 2, 2011

We Are Family

Today was a great day! We had lunch at Genghis Grill and sat on the patio and enjoyed the good food and beautiful weather. Made a visit to Sam's to pick up some stuff. Then we headed to Aunt Olivia and Uncle Clyde's house. 

We stayed 2-3 hours and had a great visit. She showed me her family history book that she's been working on getting together. It's amazing to see all my ancestors and hear the stories. Gracious you ought to see some of their names!!! Rudolphus Augustus and Liza Haseltine Texana were two of my favorites. I love visiting her! I wish I could go more often. I just feel so comfortable when I'm there.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow. Life is good and I like it that way, who wouldn't?



  1. Your family has some great names! You are looking good Robin!

  2. I agree -- you are looking great! I am enjoying your blogs very much :) Though I don't always comment, I am reading!! :)
    I found this interesting b/c I am taking a documentary class this semester and I'm doing a documentary about my family. I've started my documentary in the mid-1800s and will end it at the present. My uncle has traced our family (my maternal grandparents families) back as far as the mid-1700s. Family history is very interesting to me! It's great to know where you come from :)


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