Friday, May 20, 2011

Do you say Thank You?

I know that I am constantly counting down how many days until summer (TWELVE!) That does NOT mean I hate my job!

When I first chose education, it was because I hated accounting. I had been a Business Administration major for two years. I had started taking 4000 level classes. Then I spent the summer as a BSU Summer Missionary teaching VBS and working GA camps. I had a blast with those kids. That fall I was taking Accounting and HATED it. After a lot of thought and prayer, I changed my major to Elementary Education. Other than student teaching, I've never had an elementary school classroom. I've been in junior high school for 13 of the last 17 years. I love this age group.

What I really love is when I really have a connection with a student. This has happened several times in my career. Some I've had a connection with the whole time, some I've reconnected with after they've become adults. No matter when, these students have a profound effect on me.

Today I had a student come to the library. She was a voracious reader and served as a library aide. Her mom works in our cafeteria, so I've seen her consistently since she left for high school. She would check out books, even after leaving. When she arrived today, she gave me a little red ticket and asked me to come watch her graduate tonight. I was so touched! I've received invitations in the mail. This was the first personal invite. So, of course, I went.

While waiting for graduation to start, I ran into another former student. Brandon walked right up and hugged me. I felt proud and a little weepy. I had a friend take our picture and promptly posted it to facebook. It's the photo at the top of my blog tonight.

These young people are the reason I have stayed in education. I never imagined that I would have any impact on their lives. What has surprised me even more is the impact they have had on mine. Facebook has allowed me to watch former students mature and have families of their own.

Take the time and thank your teachers. No matter how long it's been since you were in their classes. Don't forget your librarians!!

Thank you to Kathleen Bailey, Linda Bittle, JoAnn Snider, Georgia Ross, Melinda Williams, Jerry Gibbens, Ty Handy, Hugh Hill, Randy Yarnold, and a host of others that had an impact on my life. Thank you!

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  1. Very cool, Robin. Very cool.



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